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Digital Marketing Services for NGOs and Non-Profit Govt Institutes

Digital Marketing Service for NGOs at subsidized rate


A noble cause needs a website to spread the word around. Be it NGOs or non-profit govt organizations, if you want to reach out to people, you will need a website along with a mechanism to promote this website. It is only through this website and the information within in that people will come to know about your work. You will find support, financial and otherwise, through the help of this website. Moreover, people who need your help can contact you through this website.

There is a growing need for NGOs and non-profit organization to have a strong online presence. But most of them are not able to earmark funds for this purpose. Whatever financial assistance they get is used up in the cause that they believe in. That is why 7Boats.com has decided to come up with a solution to this problem: we will help you build up a website and promote your cause online! And the best part is: we are going to do it AT A SUBSIDIZED RATE!

At 7Boats.com, we believe it is our corporate and humanitarian responsibility to help noble causes on the internet. We will help you in developing websites, in digital and online marketing to promote your work to a wider audience through the power of the internet and also help you in social media networking. In this day of social media bringing the entire planet together on one platform, we will help you connect with resourceful people across the globe, people who can uplift your cause and get you the support and assistance you need to further your cause.

The high point of this initiative of 7Boats.com is, of course, the fact that we will offer this service at a subsidized rate. We will do it because we believe in your ability to bring about a social change. All we look forward to is a good word or two about us when you refer to us in your networking circle. We will also appreciate a reference point to our page in your website. Our primary aim here is to take our commitment to society a step forward in the right direction.

A few NGOs we worked with

  • India Tribal Care Trust – https://indiatribalcare.org/
  • Aumorto (Initiative by Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture & Supported by TATA Trust ) – http://www.aumorto.in/
  • Sri Prasanna Ganapati Charitable Trust – http://spgct.org.in/
  • Hope Kolkata Foundation https://www.hkf.ind.in/
  • Oh My Grief – Steve Morrison Coaching – https://www.stevemorrisoncoaching.com/
  • Taj Foundation – https://tajfoundation.org/
  • Smile Foundation – https://www.smilefoundationindia.org/
  • Plan India – https://www.planindia.org/
  • The Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Public Relations Society of India – PRSI Kolkata Chapter
  • PRCI Kolkata Chapter

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