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Google Apps for Business, Google Workspace Setup Services (Formerly G Suite)

We are trusted by the industry for Google Apps Services in Kolkata and have been helping corporates to make the move to Google Apps without any hassle. Whether you have understood the benefits of migrating to Google Apps but have not decided yet to switch over, assuming that will be a humongous task; or you simply want to set it up for your business, we can help you pull Google Apps to boost up all aspects of your business and save cost too.

We undertake the following Google Apps assignments for the Corporate Business Houses in Kolkata, irrespective of the size of your organization, at the best affordable price:

Google Workspace / G Suite / Google Apps set up

If you decide to switch over to Google Apps, we can help in migrating all your emails and documents from your existing legacy system. We do the entire configuration, necessary to have you jump-start on the platform in no time. We just do not sign off after the assignment is over; rather very particularly from the beginning we also try to realize your need for Training and Support and offer the service at a very nominal rate.

Google Workspace Training

Having a rich experience in Training, we offer Google Apps training including sessions for Admins and the end-users separately at your business location.


The best thing about Google Apps is that it is easy to set up and administer without much training. However, for businesses with smaller budget IT departments we extend a range of support to assist their administrators.

We help corporate to realize the muscle Google Apps provide a business in adopting the newest forms of collaborative works.

For the uninitiated, Google Apps is a set of reliable, cloud based, highly secure tools comprising of web-based email, entire office suite much like Microsoft’s Office products and other collaborative tools for your business. Unlike other such corporate business solutions which are “on-premise” in nature, this is completely a cloud based service. This aspect alone helps you save on your recurring IT infrastructure maintenance cost and gives your business an edge. The closest competitor that gives you this sort of benefit at a much higher price is Microsoft Office 365. Comparing these two, there are a lot more good points in terms of usability to go with Google Apps as this infographics puts it very clearly, So what do you get with Google Apps for Business?

A highly secure cloud based service that gives access to your critical information without putting stress on your IT staff, with Google Apps for Business you get,

  • Google Apps Email:  A highly available, cost-effective, reliable and widely deployed email solution. These accounts give each user 25 GB in Gmail storage space
  • Google Docs and Google Sites: Google Apps also gives widespread document collaboration and sharing platform for both employees or external collaborators
  • Enterprise version of Google+ and Hangouts: For multi-person video-conferencing using only a browser and webcam
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Video
  • Google Groups for Business
  • Businesses are Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime, Email and Phone support
  • Most importantly, these accounts also come with access to the Migration Tools which are necessary when migrating old messages, calendar items, and contacts from your legacy systems

Google Apps is used by some of the largest businesses in the world including,

  • Jaguar Land Rover (24,000 employees)
  • Rentokil Initial (32,000 employees)
  • Roche (100,000 employees)
  • BBVA (100,000 employees)

This Cloud-based solution provides secure access to critical information without hugely unsettling your corporate budget and enabling you to focus more on:

  • Modernizing: sharing and collaborating information securely in real-time
  • Increasing employee productivity: With 25 GB of storage , your employees can concentrate more now on their works rather than worrying about their email quota
  • Accessing information from anywhere: Globally enabling you to access your data from Laptop, Computer, Smartphone and Tablet

It’s a fully hosted service; so there is no hardware cost overhead, no additional software to purchase, no cost involved on installation of patches or for maintenance.

If you are still not confident and of the opinion that Microsoft Exchange does a better job when it comes for corporate mailing solution, the following infographic presentation should give you some more reasons to go with Google Apps.

Google Apps Vs Office 365

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