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Startup Support & Tech Incubation Centre in Kolkata

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for renting an office in Kolkata? Are you a startup business owner bogged down with the thought of pricey office space in Kolkata? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with great startup ideas but unsure about how to proceed? Get incubation support, mentoring support, networking support, digital entrepreneurship support, right training, technology support & virtual office space in Kolkata from Seven Boats and Webel-BCC&I Tech Incubation Centre in Saltlake, Sector V in Kolkata.

Tech incubation centre in Kolkata - Seven Boats has partnered with Webel-BCC&I Tech Incubation Centre in Kolkata to offer startup entrepreneurs incubation support, mentoring, networking support, technology support and more.
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Objective of the WEBEL-BCC&I Tech Incubation Centre:

The WEBEL-BCC&I Tech Incubation Centre is a joint initiative of The Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry and West Bengal Electronics Industry Development Corporation (WEBEL) supported by Bandhan Bank. Eventually other corporates like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Crow’s Nest, Seven Boats Academy, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services have also joined with different offerings.

It’s main objective is to create an ecosystem that will foster, support innovation and knowledge based entrepreneurship in Bengal leading to the creation of wealth and social value through successful ventures. It aims to provide an environment to translate knowledge and innovation into creation of successful entrepreneurs.

Program Details:

  • The Incubation Centre not only provides co-working setup, but the key feature is giving Mentorship support to the incubates by Chamber’s Senior Members and Stakeholders on domain knowledge and other ancillary areas of business like Finance & Taxation, Compliance Legal & IPR. Viable business propositions are connected with potential financers and collaborators.
  • Currently the WEBEL-BCC&I Tech Incubation Centre Mentor Board consists of 8 mentors. Their details are mentioned below:
Seven Boats partnered with Webel BCC&I Tech Incubation Center in Kolkata
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The Incubation Centre arranges meeting between the Incubates and the mentors on a regular basis.

  • The Incubates are also invited in the network of Members and Stakeholders for attending various forums, seminars, workshops organized by the BCC&I.
  • The Tech Incubation Centre also organizes appropriate training programmes for the Incubates, focusing on the essentials of running business including Technology, Marketing, Legal, Taxation and other relevant matters.
  • During the period of incubation the progress of the Incubates are tracked. They are reviewed on a regular basis by the above mentioned Board of Mentors who give them guidance and feedback in order for the start-ups to grow and develop.
  • The Incubation Centre has a total capacity of 20 seats. A total of 37 Incubatees (Start-ups) have been incubated till date since its inception on 1st June 2019. This figure includes both Full-fledged and Lateral Incubatees currently being incubated and also the ones who have taken an Exit (Graduated) from the Tech Incubation programme.
  • At present there are 17 full-fledged Incubates and 3 Lateral Incubatees who are being incubated with us.
  • The full-fledged incubates are identified through the Ideathon competition that is generally held after every 6 months. The Ideathon competition has been held 4 times till now. On the basis of the number of vacant seats, Ideathon 5 will be conducted between September to December, 2021.
  • BCC&I will provide full –fledged incubation with 1-3 number(s) of plug and play workstations. There is an Incubation Fee of Rs. 2,500 + 18% GST per seat per month.
  • Lateral (Provisional/Pre) Incubatees will be considered to be eligible for the Tech Incubation Centre with a condition of review after three months to receive the mentorship on the domain knowledge and also on the ancillary areas of business. Till that point of time, they may use the facility to upgrade their prototype/business idea. BCC&I will provide Lateral incubation with 1-3 number(s) of plug and play workstations. There is an Incubation Fee of Rs. 1,800 + 18% GST per seat per month.
  • There have been 2 major success stories as of now:

1) Schoppen Solutions, one of the incubated start-up at Webel-BCC&I Tech Incubation Centre, supported by Bandhan Bank and others has reached the milestone of producing honey from the technology enabled bee corridor at Eco Park, Rajarhat, Newtown – A project awarded to them by HIDCO Ltd. Both, the inauguration of the Bee corridor and the day honey was extracted successfully, was covered extensively by print media.

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Startup Support & Tech Incubation Centre in Kolkata 3

The progress made by Schoppen Solutions, incubate of WEBEL-BCC&I Tech Incubation Centre was covered by Anandabazar Patrika on 23rd Feb, 2021.

2) Also one of our Incubates, EzeRx Health Tech Pvt. Ltd. was invited for an Interaction with Bandhan Konnagar for Health Program discussion. Mr. Partha Pratim Das Mahapatra, Founder & CEO of EzeRx presented his proposal for a possible collaboration before the Bandhan Konnagar officials.

Recently they conducted a pilot health screening program organised by Bandhan Konnagar for the residents of Majherhat village, South 24 Parganas, using his non-invasive testing device- EzeCheck. A total of 74 people were tested through 2 camps in a span of 3 hours and their reports were generated digitally on the spot.

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  • One of the major activities of the tech incubation centre is to identify these success stories and provide them with the necessary support. Presently Arogyam, a current Incubate which has been identified as the next success story in addition to Schoppen Solutions (Bee corridor) and EzeRx.
  • Arogyam’s blood and urine analyzer, HaemurEx will be used in Ayushman Bharat Health and Wellness Centre from April 2021.
  • The Tech Incubation Centre connects the eligible start-ups with Bandhan Bank. EzeRx, an Incubate of WEBEL-BCC&I Tech Incubation Centre has already demonstrated its health-tech product to Bandhan Konnagar and are currently having a discussion with them for a future collaboration. Appointments are being sought for Arogyam and Schoppen Solutions.
  • The tech incubation centre also provides case specific mentoring. The Incubation Centre connects the Incubates with the Chairpersons of the different Committees of BCC&I as and when necessary or requested by the Incubate.
  • The tech incubation centre also connects the Incubates with other facilitators and collaborators.

Address:  BCC&I- Webel Tech Incubation Centre,

Ground Floor, Webel Bhavan,

Block EP & GP, Sector V, Saltlake,


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