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Mission, Vision & Ethics

Full Service Internet Marketing Company & Internet Marketing Services

During our stint in the internet marketing industry, we have observed that clients and customers put a lot of emphasis on the customer service of a company. It is not enough that you provide excellent digital marketing services. You also have to be there for your client’s overall growth and this is one aspect of our business that we are very particular about. 7Boats.com has earned the praise and appreciation of many clients because of our ability to focus on long-term plans for clients and customers. By being there for your company’s organic growth, we ensure that we grow along with your business. That is the business ethic that we operate on.

There are so many different areas of online marketing. Creating and launching a website is just one part of it. In fact, that is the start of the process to carve out an online identity for your business. You will need a variety of assorted Internet marketing services that will help your website gain prominence on the internet marketing scene. It does not pay anymore to push the web link of your business page to as many netizens as you can find! That kind of online business strategy will prove counter-productive. 7Boats.com has hired the services of SEO executives who know the modern trends of the internet. They use their expertise to build up feasible, effective online marketing strategies for your business.

The fact that we offer the entire gamut of internet marketing services is reason enough for you to do business with us. Under one roof you will get all that you might need for the online division of your business. Creating a website, designing and developing it, writing content for the web pages, promoting these pages on the internet, getting your website the top ranking slots in search engine page results and also promoting you on the social media circuit – 7Boats.com has spread out its tentacles all over the online marketing scenario. You will not need to go anywhere else for your business. Our expertise at handling all these tasks with proficiency comes in handy because you need not squander money and time in trying out strategies through undirected trial and error.

A significant area of focus at 7Boats.com is that we try to hire the best people around. Having the best minds on our team is our prime target. We offer competent prices when it comes to our digital marketing strategies and services, but instead of pinching away the profits, we prefer to invest in human resources and technology. This is a commitment that we resolve to stand by throughout. Our firm belief is that experienced, skilled professionals are best suited to handle your projects, no matter what toll they have on the expenditure part of our ledger. We want the best for your business. This is how we have planned to differentiate and distinguish ourselves in the cluttered world of internet marketing. With us on board, you can be sure that you have the best minds working for your business.

Who we are

We are a one-stop shop for digital and internet marketing services. Being a strategic web marketing company, we leverage your brand with the power of the internet. With our online marketing strategies and services, your brand will become a buzzword on the internet.

We are the SEO Company in India aimed at improving the search rank by results driven ethical approaches. Our web marketing services include website designing and development, content writing, online marketing, social media marketing, link building, PPC, consulting and search engine optimization (SEO). Seven Boats is a ROI focused Internet Marketing company having corporate office in India at Saltlake Kolkata and we have clients from various parts of the globe such as USA, Canada, UK, Russia, India , Malaysia and more.

What we do

We work ethically for the results and we use our expertise to help our clients improve the present ranking in the search engine results by our unique web consultancy services. Our expert Internet marketing and SEO services are aimed at improving our clients online presence which in turn grows their business. Our web promotion experience, knowledge and online marketing skills get you the exposure that your brand’s products and services need. We help your business generate online leads and boost up your sales charts with the help of our web marketing strategies & digital marketing services. We cover the entire range of internet marketing tools and services. This enables you to focus on the core business area while we work on how to amplify the online marketing of your business. Our industry veterans and fresh minds work together to come up with paths that your competitors have not treated.

Our Web Marketing Services

The 7Boats Online Marketing Experience

7Boats is unlike any other web marketing service company in the sense that we are firm believers in your business growth as a yardstick to measure our success story. To ensure that we are able to meet the demands of your business in the online scenario, we offer the entire spectrum of internet marketing services. You can choose one, or you can choose all of them to work simultaneously in order to promote your brand! Because we have all the online marketing services available under one umbrella, you need not look beyond 7Boats for any kind of web marketing service that your brand needs.

Being in the arena of internet marketing services, we have seen many of our clients who started from scratch and made it big. Our SEO services are widely acknowledged by our clients because we deliver what we commit. You will come across many Internet marketing & SEO companies who will claim to achieve remarkable targets within a span of time but the main difference with 7boats lies in the quality of service and level of commitment. We do comprehensive research to get to the root problems and then we work effectively and efficiently to help our clients improve their business. We do not promise outstanding results in very short time which is possible by unethical

ways, rather we believe in providing better results by working ethically. We only commit what we can deliver. And not just that, we educate our clients to maintain a level of transparency of our web marketing work.The 7Boats experience is accentuated by the professionals who work here. They are all consummate veterans in their respective fields, having worked on numerous web projects during their career. When you are with us, you can be sure that there is no unnecessary trial and error method involved in getting you the online advantage that we are talking about. These digital marketing company stalwarts know exactly what your business needs. You can consult them on what is best and also suggest ideas of your own. Our internet marketing company works with an open mind,

whether it is a startup or a mid-level organization or a private entrepreneur. We take pride in our ability to handle all projects with equal attention, care and dedication to deadlines.

Our Mission

Full stack digital marketing service & training provider, bridging the gap between skilled professionals & Startups / SMEs / Enterprises with 360° hybrid digital marketing solutions (Digital Marketing Due Diligence Audit + Consulting + Strategy + Training / Staffing + Implementation) by industry experts in a cost effective approach with our ROI focused result-driven AACRO™ model of digital marketing. Seven Boats is an internet marketing company in India whose purpose is to help other companies improve their online presence in search and social media in order to acquire new customers and build their brand online.  We strive to deliver our service in a friendly, yet effective manner, delivering our customers desired value for money. We always strive for excellence in whatever we do.

Ethics at 7Boats

We are accountable to you for the internet marketing strategies we draw up and the services that we put to use. As an internet marketing company, we keep the cards on the table at all times, allowing you to take a status check of your project at any time. Transparency is a key ethic here at 7Boats and no employee is exempt from this discipline.

Communication with you forms the backbone of our web marketing company. We are based in Kolkata, India. You can communicate with us through phone calls or email at any time you feel the need to touch base. At our end, we will keep you updated on the developments in your project, the latest findings and the results on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, as per your choice.

We are committed towards the work we do as an online marketing company. The services that we offer and the strategies that we develop are done with the sole purpose of getting your brand the best advantage of the internet medium. Being professionals, we spare no effort to bring our plans to fruition, even if that means walking some extra miles. In fact, our commitment has earned us a lot of reputation in the internet marketing domain.

Advantages of Using 7Boats as your preferred web marketing company

Getting 7Boats on board will get you these advantages:

  • Flexible web marketing packages for customized requirements.
  • Affordable pricing for our online marketing services.
  • Open Source Alternatives for lowering the internet marketing expenses.
  • Tangible targets every month
  • Complete accountability and professionalism
  • Use of the latest SEO tools, technology, trends and digital marketing knowledge
  • Commitment to meet the ROI demands of your business the best possible way.
  • Transparent customer care and client management
  • In-house team of skilled, experienced web designers, SEO experts and content writers
  • Experience in handling successful web marketing projects

Why Pick 7Boats over Others

There are several reasons why 7Boats towers over the competition around. Here are some:

  • No head-in-the-clouds internet marketing strategy but clear, tangible, achievable targets
  • Command over the latest internet tools and technology to keep your business ahead of the curve
  • Belief in the organic growth of business and long-term plans instead of short bursts of success and long spans of drought
  • Hires the best minds in the web marketing business, from web designers to writers to SEO analysts
  • Dependence of empirical data for strategizing rather than speculation and hearsay
  • Complete digital marketing services covering all aspects of an online business
  • Creative and innovative thinking that challenges the status quo and pushes the envelope in our domain of work
  • Read more about ‘why us


Quality Policy –

We at Seven Boats Info-System Pvt. Ltd. are committed to provide quality services / products as per customer’s requirement in time, through continuous improvement in quality management systems and involvement of it’s employees.

Seven boats is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company.

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