Kolkata Agency Insiders Teach You Digital Marketing: Unveiling the Seven Boats Academy Advantage


In today’s fast-evolving digital landscape, staying ahead with cutting-edge strategies and technologies is crucial for every marketer. Digital marketing is no longer a niche skill—it’s essential for businesses of all sizes to thrive. This growing importance has made quality training and education in digital marketing more vital than ever.

Enter Seven Boats Academy—a premier digital marketing institute based in Kolkata that’s transforming the way aspiring marketers and professionals approach their careers. With unparalleled training designed by industry experts, real-world projects, personalized mentorship, a cutting-edge curriculum, and post-course support, Seven Boats Academy stands out as a beacon of excellence in the field.

The Seven Boats Academy Difference

Unparalleled Training by Industry Experts

At Seven Boats Academy, you’ll learn from the best. Our training programs are crafted by industry professionals from Kolkata’s top digital marketing agencies. These experts bring a wealth of practical experience and insider knowledge, ensuring you receive relevant and up-to-date training.

Real-World Projects and Hands-On Experience

Theory is vital, but hands-on experience is where true learning happens. Our courses include practical projects that mirror real-world challenges. By working on these projects, you’ll gain invaluable experience that will make you job-ready from day one.

Personalized Mentorship and Support

Every student at Seven Boats Academy receives personalized mentorship. Our mentors are committed to guiding you through your learning journey, providing support, feedback, and advice tailored to your individual needs.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum Covering Latest Trends

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to cover the latest trends and technologies in digital marketing. Whether it’s SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, or AI-driven strategies, you’ll be at the forefront of industry developments.

Post-Course Support and Job Assistance

Your relationship with Seven Boats Academy doesn’t end when the course does. We offer post-course support and job assistance to help you transition seamlessly into the industry. Our network of partners and alumni can open doors to exciting opportunities.

Global Outlook with a Local Touch

While our training has a global perspective, we also understand the nuances of the Indian market. Our courses provide insights into international best practices while being deeply rooted in local market understanding.

Success Stories and Case Studies

Case Study 1: “A Travel Brand Gains 200% Online Traffic with SEO Strategies”

A Travel Brand, a startup, leveraged the advanced SEO training at Seven Boats Academy to optimize their website. The result? A staggering 200% increase in online traffic and leads and significantly improved user engagement. This case study highlights the power of SEO and the practical impact of our training.

Success Story 1: “From Zero to Digital Hero – How a Seven Boats Alumna Catapulted Her Career”

Meet Tiyasa, a young professional who transitioned from a non-digital background to a successful digital marketing career. With the guidance of our mentorship and job assistance program, Tiyasa honed her skills and landed a role as a Digital Marketing Manager at a leading MNC.

Case Study 2: “An E-Commerce Store Amplifies Sales by 200% through Social Media Campaigns”

An e-commerce business utilized social media marketing strategies taught at Seven Boats Academy to launch targeted campaigns. Within six months, their sales doubled, showcasing the effectiveness of our training in real-world applications.

Testimonials and Industry Voices

Tiyasa Sen, Digital Marketing Manager

“Seven Boats Academy honed my skills and instilled a strategic mindset that has been invaluable in my career growth.”

S Chakraborty, Founder of a Boutique Marketing Firm

“The mentorship and practical approach of Seven Boats Academy gave me the confidence to implement advanced strategies that produced real results for my clients.”

Priya Singh, Marketing Consultant

“The global insights and local understanding I gained from Seven Boats Academy have allowed me to navigate the digital landscape with a unique edge.”

A Chakraborty, Alumni

“Not just a course, but a community that supports you beyond graduation. Seven Boats Academy is the launchpad for your digital career.”

Enrolling in Seven Boats Academy – The Next Step in Your Digital Journey

Ready to elevate your digital marketing skills? Joining Seven Boats Academy is easy. Visit our website to explore our courses, which cater to all levels—from beginners to seasoned professionals. Our courses range from short-term workshops to comprehensive training programs, each designed to provide maximum value and practical application.

By becoming a part of the Seven Boats community, you’ll gain access to a network of industry professionals, ongoing support, and exclusive deals. Start your digital marketing revolution today!


The Seven Boats Academy Advantage is clear—unparalleled training, hands-on experience, personalized mentorship, a cutting-edge curriculum, and robust post-course support. Our success stories and testimonials speak volumes about the impact we’ve had on our students’ careers.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your digital marketing skills and career prospects. Enroll in Seven Boats Academy today and join the ranks of digital marketing elites.

For more information and to sign up, visit our website or contact us directly. Let’s make your digital marketing dreams a reality!

June 23, 2024

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