3 New Twitter Tools for Better Customer Service

3 new twitter tools

Just like Facebook, Twitter realises the business potential it has. They understand how businesses and brands are leveraging Twitter tools for marketing purposes. Keeping this in mind, Twitter has recently rolled out 3 new tools for better customer service.

Tool 1: The Response Alert

A couple of months back, in July, Twitter offered the option to some established brands to update their customers about when these customers can find a quicker response from the brand. Now, Twitter is expanding this option for all brands across the board. Customers can check up the time when they are most likely to get a representative of the brand online to answer their queries. Brands can upload time frames on their Twitter page as to when they are most active on this platform.

Tool 2: Provide Support

Twitter allows brands to upload a ‘Provides Support’ tag to their Twitter bio. This gives a clear indication to customers what kind of support they can expect from the brand on that page. Information about a business by using the mention function (using @) can also be picked up through the ‘Provides Support’ button.

Tool 3: Direct Message

More often than not, users find it tough to find the Direct Message button on a brand page. Not anymore! If your brand is able to make use of the two functions mentioned above, you should also benefit from a larger Direct Message button. Connecting on a personal, individual level is possible through this option. Twitter feels that such an option will encourage the users to think that your brand is interested in a personal touch.

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