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Digital Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs

8 Essential Digital Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs!
Essential digital marketing tools for entrepreneurs

8+ Essential Digital Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs

Why digital marketing tools for entrepreneurs are needed? It takes a lot of vision, commitment and courage to bid bye to a secure job and strike off on your own. I know that because that’s what I did with In this digital marketing world, there’s little value for recurring manual labour. You need to have good tools for everything and automate processes to the farthest degree possible. That is the only way to scale up operations and make them profitable. Faster implementation and quality service are must.

Tools come for free as well as for a premium amount. Entrepreneurs dig free tools, for obvious reasons! Sometimes they serve your purpose while at other times you feel it would be a good investment if you bought the premium version of the tool. I’m listing some of these digital marketing tools here that are a must-have for every entrepreneur looking to make it online.

Essential Digital Marketing Tools for entrepreneurs & small businesses

Digital Marketing Tools for entrepreneurs #1 – 

Let’s begin with the simplest one: Open Site Explorer or OSE. You can copy and paste the URL of your competing websites on OSE and find out the sites that are linking to them, but not to you. You can understand the Domain Authority of your own URL by using the OSE tool. It helps you study your own link profile as opposed to the competition around you.

Digital Marketing Tools for entrepreneurs #2 – 

Answer the Public is one tool that has become an integral part of the content marketing blueprint. You are always asked to write what the targeted demographic might be interested to read. What if you actually knew the questions they were asking online and the topics they are searching for? Answer the Public is a tool that gets you this information. So, the next time you write something, you know the questions that people are asking against your primary keyword. Cater to that and you will have Google ranking your relevant answer right beneath the asked question! It ensures two things: the user’s question is answered precisely, a point that Google values greatly and the reason why your content goes right at the top of the heap; the next point is that you get targeted users to your site, hiking up your conversion rate.

Digital Marketing Tools for small business #3 – 

Picking up from the second tool, Siteliner is another one that is a blessing for the content team. You know that there are web pages of content that may have been duplicated for whatever reason. It may have been put up ages ago, for whatever it’s worth! To dig them out and cut them loose, you need to find them. Siteliner does it for you. Paste your URL into the box and let the tool come up with all the information you need, including details like average page size, number of words, text to HTML ratio, other than instances of duplicate and common content.

Digital Marketing Tools #4 – 

Screaming Fog is another tool that does something similar to Siteliner, except that this one can be used to hunt out broken links. You can find out where your meta tags have gone haywire and how twisted your link redirects are on the URL scale. For the free version, you can crawl up to 500 pages and that is fairly more than what a budding entrepreneur might need for research and audit.

Digital Marketing Tool #5 – 

Google’s Keyword Planner is a time-tested tool for entrepreneurs, especially for those who are venturing into the Pay per Click or PPC scene. With this planner, you can calculate search volumes against individual keywords. Moreover, you can use geo-specific information to find out the areas where the search volumes for a particular keyword are higher. If your business has area connotations, you should use this tool for better location targeting. You can look at the approach of competitors about these keywords and how they are bidding for ads with them.

Digital Marketing Tool #6 – 

For a fledgling online business, content readability is brand visibility. Readability has a lot to do with titles of the web content you put up. Portent’s Title Generator is a tool that gives you cool ideas about possible titles for the topic you have written. Put in your own title in the box and let the tool come up with catchy titles that can grab eyeballs for your content.

Digital Marketing Tools #7 –

Ubersuggest from Neil Patel is a great tool for website SEO audit, keyword research, backlinks and competitive analysis

Digital Marketing Tools #8 –

Seven Boats Digital Marketing Tools consist of SEO audit report , 40+ Top Free SEO tools & many more that entrepreneurs or marketers need in day to day life.

Using these tools, and more, will give you a handle on the digital marketing scene.   

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