Where Others Fail, Instagram Surges Ahead


The social networking scene is a very interesting one at present.

Facebook is dogged with controversies related to abuse and misuse of data. The number of people shutting off Facebook from their phones and lives are increasing every day. The other giant of this arena, Snapchat, is on the wane, thanks largely to their redesigning that has left everyone disappointed. With this vacuum created by the bigger players of the field, Instagram is cashing in quickly!

According to the data released by Instagram this week, the number of active monthly users has shot up to 1 billion, a vast improvement from their count of 800 million in the September of 2017.

This excellent growth puts Instagram at the very top of the heap in terms of growth in social media. It is true that the total number of users of Facebook is still much higher than Instagram, but the growth factor of Facebook is quite poor at 3.14%. For Snapchat, it is even lower at 2.13%.

When you compare this to the growth of Instagram at 5%, you know who’s the gainer in the recent times!

The most amazing fact of this turnover for Instagram is that they owe their success mainly to the ideas that they have borrowed from other players, like Snapchat.

Instagram Stories, the most popular feature on this image sharing network, is a direct inspiration of Snapchat Stories! Yet, the number of people using Instagram Stories is higher than the total user base of Snapchat!

Facebook is also disappointing teens because almost everyone is on this networking, invading into their privacy, especially family members and parents.

For digital marketers, Instagram presents more opportunities now than ever before.

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