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Top 3 Social Media Trends of 2018-19

Live Videos, Instagram Stories & Influencer Marketing!
Social Media Trends 2018

Happy New Year!

With the New Year here, industry experts are looking back and ahead at the same time. In the last year, there were so many technological innovations that defined the face of digital marketing. In this new, nascent year, we are all looking ahead to see some definitive and path-breaking innovations and technical tuning that will change the industry as it stands now, and set the course for the future.

In the arena of social media, the most dynamic domains of them all, there are quite a few trends that I believe will catch wind in 2018. I’m outlining the top 3 here. The list varies with perspective and context but these 3 will surely feature on many such lists.

Live Videos

First up is the trend of using live videos. Brands are broadcasting live videos of events through Facebook Live or Periscope on Twitter. Such videos are finding their own set of viewers. According to stats, people are 3 times more likely to watch a live video than the usual one, with live videos providing 10 times more engagement value. Certainly engaging for social media marketers!

Instagram Stories

Next up is the use of Instagram Stories. Instagram came to the party much later in this segment but its easy-to-use Stories feature has gained a lot of popularity in a short time. In 2018, the majority of 200 million Instagram users will pick Stories in some form or other.

Influencer Marketing

The rear is brought up by the trend of Influencer marketing. The combined marketing budget on using influencers on social media for branding is already slated to touch $24 million by 2018. Using industry experts to influence the opinion of potential customers is a trend that gets you sales and keeps positive brand credibility. More of this social media trend will come to the party in 2018.

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