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Popular Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Ranchi – Best Digital Marketing Courses in Ranchi

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With the already Indian internet user population of over 550 million (as of early 2020), digital marketing is ever growing. Ranchi is no exception. Here you get the list of popular digital marketing training institutes in Ranchi. The business and economy might be going through a little nudge due to Covid-19 terror but to plan when the life returns to normalcy is the best way to go, you will need this information to plan your career ahead. 

The competitive world demands tremendous business support on social platforms to build a spotless online presence. The promotion strategy requires important measures to simplify connection with clients in a better way. The need of every industry and businesses are continuously changing; the course curriculum is frequently circulated to give people a better understanding of the latest technologies. That’s when digital marketing institutes step into the picture to train professionals and to provide for every tiny need of the digital industry. 

Window of Scope for Digital Marketing

The growing percentage of the digital advertising industries in India has reached 33.5 according to a recent survey and towards the end of 2020, its value is expected to increase around 255 Billion mark. Since India said to be the largest and rapidly increasing nation of digital marketing industry, the chances of its popularity and growth is only to go beyond by the end of the year. The growth of this industry can’t be under a situation of crisis for long. 

Here are some stats based on a recent survey that will help you make a decision about your career in the digital marketing industry.

  • The average growth expected for the digital marketing industry is an average of 14% annually.
  • The digital media is expected to grow 24% in a coming few years, and a total of 12% increase in the ad share
  • The news about the average increase in the mobile internet user is expected to reach around 829 million by 2021 in India, which again opens endless windows of opportunities for the industry. 
  • The stats reveal that an average person checks their smart devices every 9.6 minutes. That is another stream, where mobile marketing and optimization has taken the industry by storm.

Selecting a grounded career stream in this industry might be difficult but you can do that with a little help. You can be a professional blogger, you can earn with affiliate marketing, learn social media marketing and others.

If you are interested in being a part of the digital marketing sector, then enrolling in these institutes will help you in learning and practicing a promising career. Internet is the global superpower and that is excessively connected to various social platforms. The development of social media for business promotions takes place at a lightning-fast speed. To choose a profession in social media and digital marketing, take a look at some of these brilliant digital marketing institutes that will help you get the training you have been looking for. The institutes offer numerous courses based on your needs and budget because taking up a digital marketing course has never been this easy. 

Top Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Ranchi

Kalam Academy 

This institute offers some of the brilliant offline classes for you. The courses are designed based on the demand and keep rotating the major focus based on industry trends. The institute also offers shortest courses of 3 months and has special scholarships for girls in particular. You will be able to enroll in some of the most productive courses in the digital marketing sector. You will get the opportunity to learn from skilled industrial leaders and practice under booming agencies that have made a mark in the digital industry.

Courses offered- Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, Web Designing, Search Engine Optimization, Video Editing, Blogging, Facebook Ads, YouTube Channel Management, Email Marketing, & Automation.

Contact number– +9162073 36455 / +91-9525395169

Email- [email protected]

Website- https://www.kalamacademy.org/              

Click by Digital

This is a well-known digital marketing training institute in Ranchi that specializes in training and marketing. The institute is around 6 years old and it makes sure to keep updated with the latest technologies. They have 50+ active projects and offers updated courses at an affordable cost. You will be able to enroll in the required courses to get a diploma and certifications. The costs are pretty affordable and you will have better placement opportunities. 

Nothing beats the idea of learning from experienced faculty members and getting placed with well-known agencies. This institute can get you a fair chance of learning and practice on your terms. 

Courses offered- Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, Web Designing, Search Engine Optimization, Video Editing, Blogging, Email Marketing, & Automation.

Contact number–  +91-8210067672 +91-7481838370

Email- [email protected]

Website- https://www.clickbydigital.com/

Achievers Academy

The Achievers Academy is one of the most renowned digital marketing institutes with its branches in Bihar and Jharkhand. The courses are tailor-made based on industrial standards and benefit a great deal for newcomers. You can expect to learn from experienced faculty members who will help and guide you every step of the way. Expect placement opportunities after the courses, and learn at affordable rates. 

Courses offered- Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing Orientation, Digital Marketing Strategy, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Analysts, Search Engine Optimization, E-Commerce Marketing, etc.

Contact number– +91-9608728328, +91-7070555758

Email- [email protected]/, [email protected] 

Website- https://www.achieversdigitalacademy.com/

UNAV Academy

This renowned institute follows a great way of teaching and introducing important and crucial courses. The system follows a coaching methodology and a fundamental premise that every individual has a different capacity for learning and understanding. The best thing about getting enrollment in this institute is that you will constantly be in a learning process. The academy has trained and experienced faculty members and you will get placement opportunities based on your academic development and so on. 

Courses offered- Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, PPC, Website Optimization, etc.  

Contact number– 91170 02222, 911700 33333

Email- [email protected] 

Website- https://digitalmarketing.unavacademy.com/        

SAVERA Infotech

This digital marketing institute offers some of the less famous courses along with advanced digital marketing. The idea behind learning and training for the latest industrial promotion is the only way you will be able to upgrade your skills. You will get to learn from experienced professors and faculty members and practice to bring in perfection. The professional certification will not only enhance and sculpt your talent but will also connect you with the network of hiring agencies. 

Courses offered- Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Promotional SMS, Voice SMS, etc. 

Contact number– +91 0651-2547825, +91 8092020123

Email- [email protected]

Website- http://www.saverainfotech.com/


The institute is successfully placed in various cities and had trained uncountable individuals. The institute offers some of the best courses for digital marketing that include Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Management, and so on. The courses are taught by trained and experienced members and you will also come across a fair opportunity to get placed. Since the digital marketing industry has been constantly evolving, you will get to learn the latest techniques based on industrial standards. 

Courses offered- Email Marketing, SMO, SEM, Google Certification, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Etc.

Contact number– 1 800 3000 6448

Email- [email protected]

Website- https://www.niit.com/india/

Anagha Softechs

The dynamics of the IT industries are constantly changing and that’s when businesses are more and more in need of a brilliant scheme and productive digital marketing strategy to reach out to the prospective clients. The Anagha Softechs offers a well-structured course line to help the professional to stay updated with the latest techniques. You will learn with highly trained professionals with practical methodology. Skilled faculty members are hired to teach the individual about promotional and marketing strategies. Take a look at some of the courses the institute offers.

Courses offered- Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Voice SMS, etc. 

Contact number– +91-7462096748, +91-8409292269

Email- [email protected]

[email protected]

Website- http://www.anaghasoftechs.com/

Digi Infotech

Digi Infotech is one of the leading institutes to learn digital marketing and internet marketing from trained professionals. This institute defines and offers some of the well-structured identity designed digital courses like SEO, SMO, Mobile Marketing and so on. You will get enough opportunities to learn and practice with skilled professionals and handle brands to clear any doubts before hitting the industry. Since media plays a vital role in enhancing a business, make sure you are ready to grasp the knowledge and practice to excel in the industry. Take a look at some of the courses that can help you get ahead in your career.

Courses offered- Search Engine Optimization, Google AdSense & Blogging, Website Planning & Creation, Mobile Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, etc. 

Contact number– 78279 46139

Email- [email protected]

Website-  https://www.digiinfotech.com/

Talent Technologies Pvt. Ltd

The Talent Technologies Pvt. Ltd is one of the brilliant institutes that offer full-fledged marketing and digital courses to deal with the brands. The designs and techniques can turn out to be the most compelling and benefitting chain of strategy. If you have a vision of learning from trained industrial leaders and skilled faculty members, then this institute is the ticket to your needs. The institute has covered various digital programs and blended tailor-made courses to fit every individual’s needs. You will be able to get short term and long term courses to choose from, take a look at some of the courses offered. 

Courses offered- Graphic Design, Website Designing, And Development, Database Administration, Digital Marketing, etc.

Contact number– +91-9334206888

Email-  [email protected]

Website- http://www.talentgrip.com/ 

School of Digital Marketing and Research

The institute has a chain in most of the major cities, and you will be able to enroll in the best courses at an affordable price. You will learn from trained industrial leaders and get the opportunity to learn from skilled faculty members. The courses are designed for the ever-growing digital marketing need of the business. The courses offer depth practical training and placement opportunities. The institute highly contributes and promotes thinking big and enhancing your career on your terms. Here are the two main sections of the courses, for more details, try getting in touch personally. 

Courses offered- Advanced Digital Marketing Customized Digital Marketing.

Contact number– +91-9602334666

Email- [email protected] 

Website- http://sdmrdigital.com/


Among Best Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Ranchi. Edufect, the best institute for Digital Marketing offers course in Digital Marketing. The Digital Marketing course is a specially designed training course by IIT and IIM alumni and is the best Digital Marketing course in Ranchi.

+91-9582167401 www.edufect.com (An IIT-IIM Venture)


Seven Boats Academy

Seven Boats Academy’s advanced online digital marketing course consists of video walk-through modules to study online / distance learning mode along with option to opt in for live instructor-led online digital marketing training through live webinar. Affordable fees. They also offer Free SEO Course.

This list of selective digital marketing training institutes in Ranchi will help you decide for the best. You will get a clear insight into the institutes and get choose from the benefitting courses that are offered. The focus of listing down the ten best digital marketing institutes in Ranchi is your convenience. It’s tough to get hold of a good digital marketing institute that offers authentic courses and placement promises. Open your eyes to the opportunity and choose from the list of digital marketing institutes in Ranchi to step into the industry. 

Disclaimer: There is no specific ranking order of the digital marketing institutes. The order of numbering is random. We have enlisted the names by doing secondary research from internet. If you have any feedback about institutes, want to add, edit or share further information , please feel free to comment below.

Digital Marketing Courses in Ranchi

Marketing has been evolving over the years, especially based on the demands of the people in this industry and beyond. Along with the new advancements of technology, you will get new streams of digital marketing as an addition. The best mode to reach a mass audience is through radio broadcast, television ads, and internet marketing. Due to these, the demand and experiments in this sector have largely increased. Here are some more details to clarify certain things for you for a successful digital marketing career.

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

There are many surveys done to record the penetration of the internet in India. Based on the Cisco Visual Networking Index, 2021829 million Indians are expected to utilize and make use of the internet. The numbers mark almost 59% of the population and out of which around 829 million, that is 79%, access the internet through their mobile phones.  

People are also very keen to prefer internet companies over traditional retailers to promote their brands to reach out to a large number of audiences. For those among you who still have a second thought about this industry, this research will help you understand better. 


Available opportunity on job portals

Naukri.com- 172666

Shine.com- 127765

Timesjobs.com- 294530

The number of jobs keeps varying but you must know that there are enough opportunities for you in this industry. 

Criteria for evaluating the digital marketing courses

However, things may get a little confusing online. It’s hard to decide which course would be perfect or what the guidelines to choose an authentic institute are. This list will help you decide better.  

  • Certification

The Certification Courses are a must for most of the institutes and opting for a certification course can be beneficial if you are planning for a job switch. To gain a hands-on industrial experience, certification courses are very important and it is of great help. The certification course is accepted by most of the firms and corporate bodies.

  • Course Curriculum & Faculty Expertise

Check up on the faculty members, curriculum, modules and other important things related to the courses. 

  • Reviews and recommendations

To clarify some doubts over the authenticity of the institutes, you can also check out the comments and recommendations from experts and former students. That helps in taking the best decision.

  • Placements

This is the important part; you must look at the placement slot to get in touch with the best opportunities with the institutions and incredible live projects. You will be able to enhance your digital marketing skills and that is how you will get the opportunities to grow in your career.

Potential career options and courses in digital marketing

You must have come across endless options in the digital marketing sector, and it simply confuses you. The options are so many that you simply can’t decide, and that’s exactly when you need a little self-counseling and researching for the sake of choosing the right option for yourself. You can choose to work as a freelancer or work full time, but either way, you will need to know the career verticals better. 

Let us take you through the most common career options available in Online Marketing in Ranchi:-

Career options available in Digital Marketing in Ranchi

1. SEO Analyst/Expert

Learning SEO is one of the most wanted skills that every digital marketing professional is looking for. An SEO professional has the job to fix the traffic of the website and improve the ranking for your website. Professional training teaches you how to take care of the optimization of the website and attract larger clients from around the world. Choosing your career into SEO is a wise decision because it has the scope in the future. 

Average Salary – Rs 2.5 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs per annum

Top Institutes- 

  • Kalaam Academy
  • Click by Digital
  • Achievers Academy

2. Web Developer & Web Designer

There is a specialized academy dedicated to web development. A web developer is responsible for designing, coding, and maintaining the website. The brilliant website you look at online, they are all designed by skilled web designers and developed by professionals. Ranchi has some of the best institutes that offer this course under an affordable price range. You will learn it under highly skilled professionals and experts. The career options are not just limited to institutes, but it’s a great career choice for people interested in remote jobs. 

Average Salary – Rs 3 Lakhs to Rs 5 Lakhs

Top Institutes- 

  • Kalaam Academy
  • Achievers Academy
  • Talent Technologies Pvt. Ltd

3. Social Media Executive or Social Media Manager

This career option comes with a lot of responsibilities because it is directly related to the online presence of the brand. The assigned professional is expected to handle social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. The professional is responsible to promote and maintain the online presence for the brand. This career option took drastic change over the years but still stand as one of the most promising career choices. 

Average Salary – 3.5 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs per annum

Top Institutes- 

  • Anagha Softechs
  • NIIT
  • SAVERA Infotech

4. Content Writer & Content Marketer

The writers are always in demand, be it a creative content writer or marketer, this career option has a lot of scopes in the modern world. Everything requires explanation and content writers are the professionals who create the magic. However, over the years the job has been through major changes and now stands refined and open for people who take an immense interest in words. Most of the digital marketing institutes offer this career option but very few teach the mechanism and technicalities of content writing. Content writing also includes some portions of on-page SEO and that is included in the SEO training. 

Average Salary – 3 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs per annum

Top Institutes- 

  • UNAV Academy
  • Digi Infotech
  • Kalaam Academy

5. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or PPC Expert

The search engine marketer learns the art of creating useful ads that you sometimes come across while browsing the internet. Little that people know, this profile is on great demand and you can make a lot if you learn the right usage of this profession. The job requires optimization of the ads, creation, marketing, and coordinating with the team. 

Only a professional institute can help you learn the right skills and that’s when you will be able to make something around this. 

Average Salary – 3.5 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs per annum

Top Institutes-

  • Digi Infotech
  • Kalaam Academy
  • Anagha Softechs

6. Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing professional is responsible to create and handle digital marketing for the brand and devise strategies, they also look into the generating of traffic. Countless agencies are in need of a trained and skilled digital marketing professional and that’s what the institutes produce. By taking up this course, you are opening the door of opportunity for you. This profession has a promising career for people who are willing to take up challenges. 

Average Salary – 7 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs per annum

Top Institutes-

  • UNAV Academy
  • School of Digital Marketing and Research

7. Online Reputation Management

This online reputation management is relatively a new stream in the digital marketing industry. This is much needed by gigantic brands, they constantly need their brands to be defended and secured and an online reputation manager does exactly that. They take care of all the public relations and online promotion for them and deliver a shining profile of the company in front of the clients. The need for this category of professionals is drastically increasing, and being trained by the renowned institute will put you in demand.

Average Salary- 3 Lakhs to 5 Lakh per annum

Top Institutes-

  • School of Digital Marketing and Research
  • SAVERA Infotech
  • Digital Vidya
  • UNAV Academy

8. Email marketing

Email marketing is more like direct marketing and it requires the use of electronic mail as the means to communicate. There are very few institutes that offer professional courses for this subject, but once you are trained, you can expect a good salary package and a promising career growth. This career option can also be combined with other digital marketing streams and blend of skills will make you more desirable.

Average Salary- Consultant ranges between 3 Lakhs to 5 Lakh per annum

Top Institutes-

  • Kalaam Academy
  • NIIT
  • Digital Vidya

9. Affiliate Marketing

This profession has a lot to do with remote jobs. Most of the professional make a fortune doing Affiliate Marketing over all sorts of brands. It can be done with any kind of product and you just need to have the sense for the right strategy. The marketer mostly earns from the commission from each sale. Learning this skill from a reputed institute ensures the chances of earning more. 

Average Salary- 3 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs

Top Institutes-

  • Kalaam Academy
  • Digital Vidya
  • Click by Digital

10. Web Analyst

This is another digital marketing professional that is on high demand; the Web Analyst is expected to handle the complex system to integrate the other subsystems. The profession demands the professional formulate requirements, analyze the result and conduct the feasibility for business growth. An experienced professional must be able to recommend the right approach to solve any complicated problems in the company or brand. 

Average Salary- 3 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs

Top Institutes- 

  • NIIT
  • Aptech Yuva
  • Digital Vidya

These courses and professions in the digital marketing industry are in high demand and the requirement is ever growing. The industrial trends keep changing and that’s how the institute is introducing these courses to maintain the stability in the industry. Job opportunities are not just for industrial professionals but also for freelancers. However, the success of these courses highly depends on the quality of the training institutes and internships. Choose the best for yourself and stay ahead in the digital marketing industry. 

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