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Web design services

Web Design Services

Create the Perfect Website

A website is more than just an online brochure of your products and services. A website is your brand’s presence on the Internet. Anyone looking for your brand must come across your website easily, through search engines or other referral websites. The website of your business must reflect the personality of your brand. Online consumers often make the decision of buying something from your brand by checking out your website. If they do not like what they see, they have doubts about your products as well. Our web design services conceptualize and create a website that serves your commercial purpose and also pleases the aesthetic sense of your online consumers.

Our web design services are manned by experienced and skilled designers. We handpick our web designers so that your website has all the modern aspects of online marketing and promotion. The web designers working for us employ updated tools and methods to keep you ahead of the competition. We also pack in web programmers and developers to create a complete website that can tackle a steady flow of online traffic. The website designing is kept simple and clutter-free. The navigation is streamlined without compromising on the harmony of the website.  The website provides a user-friendly interface so that online users enjoy the time that they spend on your website.

You need a clean, great looking, effective landing page, but finding a good designer on short notice is next to impossible and hacking code is no fun.

7Boats empowers you to quickly and easily build custom, graphically-enhanced landing pages without further cost, code, or hassle.

Here are some aspects of website design services that we take care of:

  • Build up a concept of the website that goes with your brand image. The website is planned carefully so that modifications are kept to a bare minimum. This saves time and also ensures that the website is built on strong foundations
  • Careful study of your targeted demographics is necessary to understand what kind of a website will make a better impact. The colors and the features of the website will depend on the online users who are expected to visit and use your website
  • Make the website search engine-friendly to enable online users to find your brand easily. It makes little sense to have a quality website that is buried under online kitsch.

Our Web Design Services

  1. Logo design service
  2. Banner design services
  3. Newsletter Template design service
  4. HTML page design service
  5. Complete website design service
  6. Cheap web design service
  7. Brochure design, catalog design, leaflet design, buttons, icons, visiting card, letterhead, stickers, Flex, T-shirt designs, hoarding designs, bill board design, calendar design, book cover designs, pdf ebook designs, infographics, sales page design, presentation graphics & more.
  8. Corporate cartoon creation service Business cartoons, Corporate cartoon drawing services, Political news cartoon drawing services, Cartoon graphics & scripts, Character sketching etc.

Check our web design samples here

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