Seven Boats Turned One

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Happy birthday 7boats

Seven Boats turned one year old yesterday and nothing could be this exciting that we consistently performed throughout our maiden year in the digital marketing world. This one year was like a journey and by completing one year we achieved our first milestone. And there were rough times faced by us in this journey but we did overcome all these hurdles at the end of the day and we heartily thank all our clients, vendors and partners for supporting us with accomplishment of our goals. In last one year we achieved smiles from our satisfied clients, got a national award and got a few more new projects , built good rapport with our new clients, new bonds were made and not just that our family grew and we got our new office. To continue with the brand name we achieved and to grow further, we need more support, blessings and wishes form our well wishers so that we can make it bigger. We look forward to make more and more clients happy in the coming year. We always strive for excellence.

 And we could not afford to miss the celebration of this achievement. Celebrations began with a butter scotch flavored cake and ended with a chocolate ice cream. Though that served our appetite but the celebration could not end without the photo session and the littering of the cake and its cream and hence that happened as well.  We clicked photos and played with the cake all around the office. Nothing better than this fun filled event could mark the celebration of Seven Boats’ first birthday.



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