Why You’re Writing Newsletters

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content writing - newsletter writingNewsletters have become the norm for targeted online marketing. Most businesses that depend on e-marketing are now banking heavily upon newsletters. Because of this added responsibility, newsletters have also changed in tone and template. You are no longer writing newsletters to boast about your achievements to your steady base of customers. Instead, you are drafting smarter newsletters to enable more customers to join your network. As for the existing customers, newsletters have become vehicles of introducing and launching new products and services. As a newsletter writer, your responsibilities have doubled up. Let us now look at some of the purposes served by newsletters and what is expected from a newsletter writer.

A newsletter, on a very basic level, is a letter carrying news. By news, one means updates, alerts, announcements and general information. Companies operating in the online domain have to rely on newsletters to intimate their existing customers about different matters. It could be of interest to the customers, like new products and services. It could also be a change in policies on the part of the company and how it would benefit the average customer. Whatever be the reason you’re writing the newsletter, you have to keep your target readers in mind. That is the key to fulfilling the purpose of a newsletter. For example, if you’re writing to inform the readers about new products, ensure that your writing sounds exciting and fresh. You obviously cannot expect your readers to be excited about a new product if you write a drab newsletter!

Another reason why you’re writing a newsletter is to touch base with your customers. Most of your customer base might contain buyers who have entered your subscribers’ list, but have remained dormant after making the first purchase. Now your task as a newsletter writer is to get these customers into making a fresh investment in the client’s new line of products and services. How do you approach them? You have to pick up the thread of conversation from their last buy. Are they happy about their association with your client’s brand? Are they satisfied with the customer service that they have got after the sale? Your writing must be concerned about older ties before you forge new ones. Your boost here is that they have already experienced what your client can provide. Use this comfort level as a pivot to anchor new sales.

Finally, you’re writing a newsletter because you want the reader to respond in some manner. The writing style must contain many action words that compel the reader into clicking through to the client’s products and services web page. In cases of newsletters written for the purpose of opinion gathering or surveys, the writing must urge them enough to join your opinion poll. Unless the reader gets back to your client’s business in one form or the other, your newsletter has not served its purpose. The click through rate (CTR) is a major metric to determine your success as a newsletter writer.