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How To Write Killer E-commerce Content & How to optimize ecommerce website? eCommerce Copywriting & Optimization Tips

by | Updated on: Aug 25, 2023 | How-To Guides, Content Writing, Digital Marketing Guides | 7 comments

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killer ecommerce content

Quick Tips on How to optimize your ecommerce website

Optimizing an eCommerce website involves enhancing various aspects of the site to improve user experience, increase conversions, and drive sales. Here are key strategies based on the information gathered from various sources:

  1. Include Calls-to-Action (CTAs): CTAs guide users towards desired actions like purchasing a product or signing up for a newsletter. Make them clear and compelling.
  2. Smart Use of Pop-Ups: While they can be annoying, if used correctly, pop-ups can help capture visitor information or promote offers.
  3. Site Search Optimization: Ensure your site search function works well to help users find what they’re looking for quickly.
  4. Cross-Sell Relevancy: Suggest related or complementary products to customers to increase purchase value.
  5. Site Speed: A fast-loading website is crucial for user experience and SEO. Optimize images, use a good hosting provider, and minimize the use of heavy scripts.
  6. Product Reviews: Include customer reviews on your product pages. They help build trust and naturally generate keywords for SEO.
  7. Add Recommended Products: This can boost conversion rates by suggesting additional items that customers may be interested in.
  8. Easy Navigation: A simple, intuitive navigation structure makes it easy for visitors to find what they need.
  9. Keyword Optimization: Optimize product pages with relevant keywords to help them rank better in search engine results.
  10. Update Product Descriptions: Ensure product descriptions are unique, detailed, and updated regularly. This not only helps with SEO but also provides customers with the information they need.
  11. User Experience Design: Continually test and iterate on the design and user experience of your site to ensure it’s user-friendly.
  12. Use Better Plugins/Themes: If you’re using a CMS like WordPress, ensure you’re using high-quality, lightweight plugins and themes to enhance website performance.

Remember, optimization is an ongoing process. Regularly analyze your site’s performance and make necessary adjustments to continually improve user experience and conversions.

How to write great ecommerce content and how to optimize ecommerce website?

Crafting the ideal ecommerce page is no joke. Creating an ideal ecommerce website with all the necessary elements in it deserve skill and patience that can get it moving step by step towards killing it. Attaining the best level of user experience is the idea. Only then, your ecommerce site can sell your product and idea well.

Let us have a look at the characteristics of a great ecommerce website and how to write excellent ecommerce content.

Navigation & Search bar at the top:

It is important to help your target audience understand where a particular product’s place is on the website. If it is a complex site with multiple products on sale, it is important to specify the exact place for every individual product and its brand.

It is a huge ask to expect conversion on the first visit of a user. However, the first impression should be good. He should be informed about the brand. The user should be able to figure out the process of navigating on the site easily. Especially, navigation process to the cart should be quite simple.  The search function is used by the visitors quite often.

So take special care to check whether the search bar is perfectly operational or not. It saves time and makes shopping experience great for the customers, if every page voluntarily informs the visitor the shipping options.

Focus on the product information:

By product information, we mean the image of it too. It is important to mind the positioning of the product’s image (or multiple images) and that essentially is above-the-fold. After zeroing on the product’s page, the site visitor can properly see the image of the intended product. There can be an auto scroll system to help them viewing different features of that product.

It is important to help the customer view a product closely and clearly before considering on the buying decision. Video, animation content can be used to make the process of understanding simpler. However, it can only be a part of a core content describing the product. The AV and photos should capture the product from all sides, helping the site visitor understanding every details about it before placing the order.

No impediments on the way to purchase:

The steps to make the purchase should be smooth and free from any trouble. The business owners are often lured by the thought of filling up individual product’s page with a number of call-to-action buttons. The idea is to encourage and guide the visitor in buying more products. Truth is, only reputed ecommerce websites can win with that tactics.

Most visitors know the way out of any clutter on the page of a reputed ecommerce site. However, being a novice in the domain, you should not venture that process. Guide them through a clutter-free purchase process fast. Help them understand it properly. They must find all options of colour, size of the products available at the fingertips. Eliminate any roadblock on the way to the primary process of buying.

Detailed information might be important:

Detailed descriptions of the product often seem quite important to a buyer. The bulk of content of an ecommerce website makes way to this page. It includes different features of the product like, dimensions, the process of manufacture, material it is made from, etc.

If your company is looking forward to brand loyalty rather than exceptionally high return, the aim should be to draft content in a way that the target audience can immediately understand whether this product fits their requirement or not. They must have a clear idea of what they are going to get for their money. It is important to include frequently asked questions to the page.

Content attempting at ‘seal the deal’:

The ideal deal-sealing content must be of a nature that can help building trust of the site visitor. The below the fold content should be more images to ascertain the nature of product and more varieties it is available in. It should attempt at eliminating all possible scepticisms from the minds of the visitors that they can move towards a positive buying decision.

I have tried to share the most viable suggestions about creating a killer ecommerce website. If you have more suggestion that can prove helpful in influencing potential customers buying decision, do share them with us.

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How to do eCommerce SEO [Video Tutorial]

Just like traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, ecommerce businesses need to invest in SEO if they want to be found online. However, there are a few key differences that ecommerce businesses need to keep in mind when optimizing their website for search engines.

First, it’s important to make sure that your product pages are optimized for the right keywords. This means doing your research to find out what potential customers are searching for and then including those keywords throughout your product page (in the title, description, etc.).

In addition, it’s important to have well-written and informative product descriptions. Not only do potential customers want to know what your product is, but they also want to know why it’s the best option.

Finally, don’t forget to optimize your site for mobile devices. With more and more people shopping on their smartphones and tablets, it’s essential that your ecommerce site is mobile-friendly. By following these tips, you can help ensure that your ecommerce business is visible in search results and drives traffic (and sales!) to your website.

How To Create Perfect Product Page in eCommerce Site

How to build a better product page for your ecommerce website!

Learn how to optimize ecommerce product pages. A product page is not about a dazzling image and an excellent sales copy. It’s all about conversion optimization

how to optimize ecommerce product pages

Every digital marketer knows that despite building up the influx of online traffic, it is quite hard to clinch conversion into sales. You do the hard work of bringing people to your ecommerce website and product page, but the expected sale does not happen. When the sale is not done, the entire effort falls apart. There is a lot riding on the product page. It has the power to convert your online lead into a sale.

This is where the importance of the product page lies. Contrary to popular belief, a product page is not about a dazzling image and an excellent sales copy. It is true that these are two integral elements of such a page, but they are just two parts of a whole. You need other factors to kick in as well. Without these other factors, the product page falls weak. In this post, I’m highlighting some features of the perfect product page.

Ecommerce Product Page URL Structure

First tip: work on the URL of the product page. Often, in their zeal, digital marketers of ecommerce sites ignore or neglect this important matter. On a search result, the URL of your product page must not be a study in alphanumeric characters! Rather, it should clearly mention the name of the product so that searchers are not confused about what they might find if they click on the particular URL.

Users have options at their disposal. You should not and you cannot afford to play guessing games with them! Instead, optimize the product page URL with the name and brand of the product. Start following it like best practices.

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Product Titles

With the URL sorted, the second tip is to work on the title tag. As soon as I mention title tag, SEO connotations set in. That should not be the case with your product page. Remember that a user will buy from your product page, not an algorithm. Your aim is to be visible to the user and cater to the attention of the user more than an algorithm.

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Keywords and user intent

To be visible in an SEO context, you need to include keywords. It is necessary evil. But don’t let it dominate your title tag for the product page. You should work out a title that strikes a balance between the need to include a keyword and make it attention-grabbing from the perspective of a potential buyer. User intent matters.

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Proper use of images

Let us now come to one of the two features of a product page that is most popular and much abused: the use of images. High-resolution images are a must. There is no secret in that. What I will insist on is the size of the image. The potential buyer should be able to make out the intricacies and details of the product from the image.

Life-like images that mirror the experience of actually holding the product in the hand is the need of the hour. The image should not be too small or big. Small images miss out finer details while their extra-large counterparts are heavier to upload and do not fit the average screen space. You also need images from multiple angles.

Product Videos

The next tip would be the use of product videos. Some marketers might exclude videos thinking that nobody watches them. It is a clearly wrong idea. Videos can sell products better than written words. The video should highlight the product and the convenience factor. You can even upload videos on YouTube and provide a link for the user to watch the video there. This way, you can optimize the video on YouTube as well.

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Written text or Product Description

Finally, we come to the written text on the product page, the second part of the more obvious feature of a product page. When you write product descriptions, use the keywords as ornaments, not the bedrock of the written text. You are writing for the probable buyer, not simply the search crawlers. The logic is the same as I outlined for the title tag. Users buy. Crawlers don’t.

Reviews & Social Sharing

There are other minor details that fill up the product page, like the use of reviews and social sharing buttons. These are all ingredients that cook the perfect broth! Use them judiciously and you will get the mix right to create the perfect product page.

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E-Commerce website optimization strategies

  • Improve Product Page content.
  • Optimize Your Product Pricing.
  • Use Personalization feature.
  • Optimize for Mobile.
  • Use an Upsell or Cross Sell Technique.
  • Create Urgency With Flash Sales or Limited Period Offer.
  • Get more reviews
  • Build an Email List and do email marketing
  • Use social proof
  • Use push notification
  • Use right landing page and call to action
  • Use lead magnet (Offers, Freebies etc)
  • Automate email campaigns
  • Build mobile app
  • Use chatbot
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Do remarketing Ads
  • Use virtual tours or 360 product view
  • Use social media effectively
  • Do SEO right
  • Do competitor research and innovate new strategies
  • Add exit intent pop up or triggered pop up
  • Use web analytics and heatmap for data driven decision
  • Focus on content marketing & blogging
  • Improve checkout experience.
  • Focus on overall user intent & user experience.

Enrich Web Content for your e-Commerce Site

content for e-commerce
How To Write Killer E-commerce Content & How to optimize ecommerce website? eCommerce Copywriting & Optimization Tips 1

There is little consolation in having a website that does not pay dividends. More often than not, you will find that the shortcoming is because of the content that you have on your website. SEO and social media marketing (SMM) can get you online visitors but unless you have valuable and enriching content on your website, you are missing more than a trick or two. The primary cause of concern for more e-commerce websites with faulty content is that they are not clear in their delivery of the marketing message.

The writing of a web page for an e-commerce site must have crystal-clear objectives. Ask yourself before drafting a web page: what is the purpose of this web page? Is it information dissemination? It is convincing the online visitor to make a purchase? The answers to these kinds of questions will help you draft the content in a precise manner. Of course, you have to keep a mental note that you don’t try to pack in too much within a single web page. That will not just confuse you but also the reader. Segregate topics for different web pages and stick to the demarcations.

For content that works wonders for your e-commerce website, you have to ensure that there is a smooth, organic flow from one page to another. Content is less likely to work for your website if you leave them to function in isolation. A better idea would be to form an interlinking chain of web pages. Place strategic anchor texts and hyperlinks within your web content so that online readers can quickly move on to other web pages without having to hunt out for those. It also makes sure that the different components of your content, like the blog, articles or even external web pages, are all in sync with each other.

Finally, your e-commerce website will be successful if you use keywords judiciously in your content. Optimize the content of every web page with keywords by using them in the natural flow of writing. Experts advise that instead of making a big deal of keywords and keyword density, your focus must be on coming up with quality content, instead of keyword-rich content. That will help immensely in drafting competent content that works for your e-commerce website.

How to optimize ecommerce website? How to do E-Commerce optimization?

E-Commerce best practices to delight your users – Google Offers e-Commerce Tips in Playbook

Google playbook offering ecommerce strategy

When the biggest player of the internet arena is offering you tips on something, you got to sit up and take notice! 

Google has brought out a free playbook where it offers tips and ideas on how to optimize e-commerce sites. Don’t ignore this playbook by thinking of its value, since it comes with no price tag. This playbook is not just insightful but also quite detailed. You will unearth a whole lot of information and in-depth analysis that will come in handy for your own e-commerce website. Since these pearls of wisdom are coming from no less a source than Google, you should ignore them at your own peril. 

Let’s look at some of the points raised in this playbook.

The playbook sheds light on 6 areas where e-commerce site makers have to work on: Home or Landing Page, Menu and Navigation, Search Box, Conversion, Category and Product and Form Optimization. 

Among these 6 areas, there are detailed break-ups. The ideas shared in the playbook often come across as common sense. If you have been playing the e-commerce game by sticking to the best practices prescribed, you should be knowing many of the points raised in the book. However, the playbook goes beyond the usual tips and tricks. 

Let’s give you an example. The playbook highlights the importance of a prominent search box in the context of an e-commerce site. There is data to back the claim that users who search for information on an e-commerce site are 200% more likely to convert into a sale. So a search box needs to be displayed clearly on the screen for users. 

Another example could be how you should not offer a menu of options to a user once they are into the sales funnel, leading from choosing a product to the point of sale. A menu on the way only distracts a sale that is otherwise slotted to the clinched. 

Download from Google

How to Improve Ecommerce Sales using Magento Plugins

magento plugins

Magento with its striking features and outstanding ability has inspired most e-Commerce businesses. No denying it is a wonderful platform for raising any kind of e-Commerce website with user-friendly interface and features. Magento is widely favored for its ability to improve the conversion rates and profitability.

It offers exquisite facilities and flexibility for building any kind of website, with formidable security. The expandability of Magento is another factor that powers this smashing open-source platform way ahead of other platforms. So, Magento is your best fit if setting up an enterprising online business is what you long for!

Business planning:

Creating a strong online presence of your business is the ideal way to take your business forward. As increasing the clientele by bringing in more customers is quintessence of any business, adapting to particular strategy and planning is a must. The more you reach out to a wide range of audiences the more the profit you acquire! How to reach a wide range of customers using your website that too in a cost-effective way? Often business owners are confronted with this question.

Magento comes out with a perfect solution to reduce all your advertisements and promotion woes. As most of you will be aware of the fact that social media rule the roost today, opting for a technique including social media sites for promoting your products would monetize for your business. Expand your e-Commerce business using the Magento social media plugins and reach out a wide range of audiences with no fuzz.

magento plugins 1

Magento modules:

In fact, we have different types of social media plugins exclusively designed for the promotion of the products of e-Commerce business. Some of the popular Magento extensions are listed below for your view.

  • Magento facebook app
  • One step checkout
  • Follow up email & abandoned cart
  • Social login
  • Lucky draw
  • Easy ajax cart

The above-mentioned extensions are quite useful in the improvement of sales for any ecommerce business. Let’s discuss how they help in the process of business development in the following section.

Magento facebook app:

As the name suggests, this is one of the stunning magento extensions. It is capable of creating an online store in the Facebook page quite easily. Hope everyone is aware of the fact how a “like” on the facebook page could impact your product and business!

Indeed, setting up your virtual store on the Facebook page is the best way to represent your products and services in front of a huge mass of audiences. The more your products stay on the facebook page the more the traffic you experience to your site! Increase in traffic automatically leads to improvement in the sale figures.

magento plugins 2

One step checkout:

The checkout page holds the center stage for all e-Commerce shopping carts. It is the place where the customers place orders and buy their products. Designing the entire page in a hassle-free manner would help a great deal in conversion rates.

Using the one step checkout plugin, converting the leads to customers is not only simple but also effective. Reduce checkout process using this efficient plugin and increase the customer rates to a huge extent.

magento plugins 3

Social login:

By enabling your customers to login for purchasing products using the social login accounts, you could drastically improve your conversions and sales rates. Users are hesitant toward the general sign up process and most often leave the cart for the same purpose.

On providing them with an option to login to checkout page, you could easily experience more customer movement in a short period of time. It is one of the widely followed techniques most successful web owners have experienced in the recent times and it works admirably well too.

magento plugins 4

Easy ajax cart:

Page speed while adding multiple products to the cart is a crucial factor that affects the patience and annoys customers. It has been proved most customers abandon the cart due to slow page response while adding or deleting a product.

Making the entire process transparent by implementing the Easy Ajax Cart plugin is the best way to enhance the speed of the page load. Power your checkout page with some speedy access to add or delete products using this simple plugin.

magento plugins 5

Follow up mail & Abandoned Cart:

Well, online business is highly dependent on customers. The web owners have to be in touch with the customers for achieving an established and healthy customer database. Of the different ways available to stay in touch with the clients, the best and easiest way is using the extension Customer Follow up. This nifty plugin follows the customers whether he purchases something or abandons the cart due to some reasons.

The customers will be notified via auto generated emails every time a new product is released or any product is upgraded, etc. by this extension as it holds the record of activities happening on the shopping cart. Even details about the discounts for any particular product will be mentioned in the mails exclusively. Adding new customers to the existing customer base becomes absolutely easy using this simple Magento extension.

Lucky draw:

It is nothing but a gift box with random gifts. The customers who purchase products from the stores will be awarded with a few gifts. There will be some credit points set against the name of each customer. The customers buying the products on the regular basis will reach the credit points at some particular stage.

On reaching the set credit points, the customers will be offered some random gifts. It is an excellent technique followed by many online store owners as it benefits both the customers as well as the users. In addition, it helps the users to visit your site again and again which in turn brings you surplus profits.

All the extensions mentioned in the above article are easy-to-use. Be certain that implementing these plugins in your site would dramatically increase the online sales. The winning formula for e-Commerce is creating traffic, generating leads, converting to customers, and finally improving sales considerably. And it is not difficult to work out this formula after implementing the above-said Magento modules.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this article. Give your e-Commerce business a new dimension and convert the entire process into a money-making formula.

magento plugins 6

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    Yup magneto is another great CMS that works good for E-commerce solutions. It’s easy to work similar to WordPress with use of extensions.

    • Debajyoti Banerjee

      Thank you for your comment but personally I feel WordPress Woocommerce is more user friendly for non technical people to manage their website effectively, as well as developer friendly too; whereas Magento can be used for fully large ecommerce sites.

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