Pinterest Unleashes More Powerful AI for Online Shopping

Pinterest Shopping Online via Product Pins with powerful AI

Pinterest Shopping Online via Product Pins with powerful AI

Pinterest, where users can ‘pin’ their favourite photos, is taking a turn to make a more competitive bid in an arena dominated by Facebook, and to some extent Instagram. 

It has developed its artificial intelligence (AI) thoroughly and in the last few years, they have added a new feature called the ‘Lens’. This allows users to use their mobile cameras like a scanner. The Lens technology can help users identify objects that they find on Pinterest. It’s not just about identifying. If the user wants, the Lens can identify and lead the user to the commercial landing page of the product on view. This offers the users to directly buy stuff that they find on Pinterest without having to leave the social media app.

Take a note of the fact that Pinterest shopping doesn’t actually gain anything financially by leading users to shopping sites or enabling them to buy something. It doesn’t get a share of the purchases made through the Lens technology. Instead, it gets to earn some money through the ads that are posted on the app. 

Pinterest feels that this new version of online shopping on Pinterest with the help of advance AI will change the dimensions of the game. Users had to do a lot of trial and error searching to find the exact things that they see on Pinterest. For example, if you find a pair of jeans that suit your visual sense to a good degree, you feel like buying it. But in the older mode, you had to search for it without borrowing any technical references from Pinterest because you didn’t know the specifics. 

Now, with AI at your fingertips, you can head to the official landing page of the product you wish Pinterest to identify and pick out. It also gives you a set of images and links with similar products. If the user wants, they can upload images on Pinterest which AI will identify and pick out for buying.

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