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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai

by | Updated on: Aug 22, 2023 | Digital Marketing Courses | 2 comments

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Best digital marketing courses in Mumbai: Where businesses are concerned, digital marketing automatically appears. This industry has various streams and each serves a very important role for any brand. If you have ever used digital marketing by a reputed firm for your business, you must have been amazed at the skills those account managers have. However, those are simply the tip of an iceberg.

If you are looking for the right training for your career, want to train under best institutes, and updated courses, then this will help you find your ground.

The numbers of digital marketing institutes are increasing day by day and you will be confused once you are on a hunt to look for the best digital marketing courses in Mumbai. Most of the big firms in India have tie-ups with renowned digital marketing institutes to hire the best professionals. Let us help you with that too, we mentioned the top three institutes you can rely on when it comes to these courses. 

Many individuals also opt for online digital marketing companies to escape trouble and availability for attendance, but nothing can replace the authenticity of a reliable institute. If you are in Mumbai or planning to move into Mumbai to pursue a career in digital marketing, then these will help you decide which course can be found in which institute and whether or not it matches your criteria. 

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai

Here are the top 10 digital marketing courses in Mumbai that are offered by some of the renowned digital marketing institutes. 

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Since digital marketing holds various other courses under its umbrella, you must learn the basics about it in an introductory course. The usage of digital technology and strategies is important and that is what this course is all about. This course offers the right targeted an interactive and measurable platform for you to learn and practice your skills. 

Undoubtedly, introduction to digital marketing includes a wide range of assets, techniques to make the most of opportunities to attract customers. The introductory course includes online branding, digital advertising, email marketing, online brochure and more. To maximize your skills, you need to put the opportunities to better use. Let’s take a quick look at what you will learn in the introductory course of digital marketing. 

  • Website
  • Automation tools
  • Social network channels
  • Online brochures
  • Importance of online presence
  • Brand values 
  • Online reputation handling
  • Importance of company logo and branding 

Since the introductory course marks the base for all the other courses, these best institutes can help you learn the latest industrial skills when it comes to digital marketing. 

Top 4 Digital Marketing Institutes in Mumbai-

  • School of Digital Marketing
  • Digital Vidya
  • IIDE (Indian Institute of Digital Education)
  • Seven Boats Academy

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the fairy godmother to every website. If you are planning to learn SEO, then getting on without a basic knowledge of SEO will be problematic. It not only helps a brand find its ground on social media platforms, but also brings them more business. Here are some of the benefits of SEO for the website. 

Quality of traffic

Now, you can attract the traffic of the world but you need the right platform, technique, and strategy. Attracting maximum traffic will still not solve the problem; you will need quality traffic and measured promotion to attract the right amount of clients.  

Quantity of traffic 

The quantity traffic will follow when you have the right audience lurking through your website. 

Organic results 

You will also learn to control and create organic traffic, it’s something that you are not paying for and the audience finds your website on any platform they went through. 

Top 3 SEO Institutes in Mumbai- 

  • Freelancers Academy
  • IIDE
  • EduPristine
  • Seven Boats Academy’s Free SEO Course

Content Marketing

This stream is all about creating a masterpiece with words, and people who want a career in this industry will have to learn from a professional. Content Marketing has layers and it can be only handled with some professional training. If you have been looking to get your hands on a productive content promotion course, then this is your chance. 

You must land up with the right institute to learn how to create demand for content in the industry by using minimum tools and promoting it on various platforms. Here are the best three digital marketing institutes that will help you in the end. 

Top 3 Content Marketing Institutes in Mumbai- 

  • Freelance Academy
  • Apexonline Academy
  • Digital Vidya

E-commerce marketing

Another booming sector in business is the E-commerce industry and that is what the professionals are crazy about. However, learning E-commerce marketing is not easy, and it surely requires reliable institutes to help professionals with the training. Coming across a great institute is not easy, which is why we took the liberty to give you the list of top three institutes that are best to learn E-commerce marketing. These institutes have an active campaign and make sure you learn with the help of the latest methodology and get the best practical training. 

Top 3 E-Commerce Marketing Institutes in Mumbai- 

  • IIDE
  • MCTA (Marketing Course Training Academy)
  • Optron Digital Marketing

Media planning

This stream is one of the most important parts of digital marketing. No matter if, you are running a business on your own or aspiring to be a trained professional for a firm, this stream plays an important role in bringing up the online presence for a business. Media planning includes the processing of selecting a media outlet like newspapers, websites, magazines, TV and radio stations, and outdoor placement. After successfully selecting the media outlet, the media planner is expected to coordinate and develop a plan for the business or a particular client. Here are the three institutes that offer a great opportunity to learn media planning. 

Top 3 Media Planning Institutes in Mumbai- 

  • EduPristine
  • IIDE
  • MCTA (Marketing Course Training Academy)

Online Reputation Marketing

This stream is a new portion in the digital marketing industry, and it has made quite a difference to the professionals. The online reputation of a business plays an important role in influencing and controlling the audience. It can be defined as a part of public relations with futuristic thinking that has created many career options for young individuals. However, it is a little difficult to get hold of a good institute to learn and get the right training. Here are three selective institutes that can help you learn. 

Top 3 ORM Institutes in Mumbai- 

  • IIDE
  • Apexonline Academy
  • Freelancers Academy

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has picked up popularity in the last few years and that opened a new stream in digital marketing for professionals. It focuses on reaching the right audience with the help of the right social media platforms. Countless institutes offer courses for interested professionals to learn and practice the magic of mobile marketing as and when they want. However, it is difficult to come across a professional institute, here are few selected institutes you can learn this course from. They offer promising career opportunities with the help of the latest technologies.

Top 3 Mobile Marketing Institutes in Mumbai- 

  • IIDE
  • Apexonline Academy
  • MCTA (Marketing Courses Training Academy)

Google Analytics and AdWords

Complicated website rankings have always been a tough code to crack, and now the courses on Google AdWord and Google Analytics can solve that problem finally. The superpower to dig into campaigns, keywords, is possible with the help of right training. Here are the top three digital marketing institutes that offer this course and placement opportunities too.

Top 3 Google Ads & Analytics Institutes in Mumbai- 

  • Freelancers Academy
  • EduPristine
  • MCTA (Marketing courses Training Academy)

Affiliate Marketing

This is a venture taken in control by a third party publisher to get the right traffic and maintain the online presence for the businesses. Affiliate marketing is the next best thing and every ambitious professional need to learn from a well-trained expert to make a career out of it. It might be difficult to get hold of a reliable institute, but now that you are reading this, choose to learn this productive course from the best institutes in Mumbai.

It is also true that affiliate marketing is your ticket to easy money and that is another reason why various institutes are offering courses. 

Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Institutes in Mumbai- 

  • IIDE
  • Apexonline Academy
  • MCTA (Marketing Courses Training Academy)

Lead Generations

Data is the new oil and that somewhere applies to lead generation. It’s a marketing term and it describes the need to create and filter consumer’s interest in a specific product. Lead generation involves sales, newsletters, and other business-related procedures that the clients are interested in. There is no doubt that human contact is intertangled in the digital world and that’s where lead generation plays a very important role. Lead generation helps businesses to reach their targeted audience. Here are three digital marketing institutes in Mumbai that offer courses for lead generation. 

Top 3 Lead Generation Institutes in Mumbai- 

  • EduPristine
  • Operating Media
  • V Digital Marketing

Managerial Skills

Apart from these courses, there are other streams and levels in the digital marketing industry that requires equal attention and delivers fruitful results. The skills like agency operations, client-oriented strategy, campaign creation, right reporting, and evaluations. These skills are in demand and it requires training and practice. However, there are very few institutes, which offer training for managerial skills in Mumbai. One of which is IIDE. 

You will learn all-around digital marketing skills with this institute, and they also deliver placement opportunities to help you stand on your feet professionally. 

Also, apart from training and courses, some of the institutes even offer online classes along with classroom training. So you will get to choose what is appropriate on your terms. To give you a glimpse, you can rely on Learning Catalyst and Digital Vidya for the best online digital marketing classes.

The courses are easy to attend and they are conducted on Google hangouts or other screen sharing platforms, so it is easier to attend the classes from wherever you are, you will simply need high-speed internet and a good quiet place to learn.

Digital Marketing Course Fees in Mumbai

digital marketing course fees in Mumbai
List of digital marketing institutes & course fees. (Source: Anuvaa.com)

23+ Popular digital marketing institutes in Mumbai

  1. Freelancers Academy
  2. Apexonline Academy
  3. SP Jain
  4. Compufield
  5. Digital 360
  6. Seven Boats Academy (Online Training)
  7. IIDE
  8. Edupristine
  9. MCTA
  10. V Digital Marketing
  11. Optron Digital Marketing
  12. School of Digital Marketing
  13. Digital Vidya
  15. Digi Perform
  16. DMTI
  17. Operating Media
  18. TBS Digital Marketing
  19. Learning Catalyst
  20. Up Grad
  21. Unacademy
  22. Proideators
  23. The Brand Salon

These institutes are making sure that your learning experience is the best in the industry. Decide on which course suits your requirements and get in touch with these institutes to be ahead in your career. 

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