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How to Promote Your Business With Custom Stickers

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custom sticker Marketers today have more resources for promoting products, services and personalities than at any other time in history. Advertising and marketing professionals also now have access to a global audience. In addition, with the availability of new marketing tools, it can be tempting to overlook time-tested marketing strategies such as distributing custom stickers. But there are more than a few reasons that stickers are still so common in brand advertising today. Learn how to successfully promote your business using a cheap, fun and easy marketing tool: custom stickers.

Custom Sticker Design

If you are interested in promoting a brand, product, personality or service using custom stickers, you have a variety of options in terms of size, shape and design. Make your stickers your own by incorporating the following details.

  • Message. Depending on the size and shape of your sticker, you may find that you have room for a website, a slogan and/or a logo. You want to be sure that the most essential message takes priority. Often companies will highlight their website, especially if the website clearly identifies the product or service being marketed. Use the largest font size you can to be sure your sticker has maximum visibility. Also, be sure the font type and colors are easy to read.
  • Texture and color.Different age demographics may prefer different custom sticker materials and textures. For instance, stickers with interesting textures, holographic or three-dimensional images, neon or variegated colors and other fun visual effects are best for marketing to children. Obviously, children probably won’t be buying from you, but your consideration will send a positive message to their parents, the true consumers.
  • Design test marketing.Before ordering a large quantity of your chosen sticker design, test out a few designs on several persons who meet the demographics for your ideal customer and see how each design is received. This will help you identify the best design for reaching your target market effectively.

Custom Sticker Distribution

Your custom sticker distribution will necessarily vary depending on how your business operates and where your target market is most accessible. The distribution strategy used by a local business will look quite different than the strategy a global corporation or online company adopts. Here are some ideas for distributing custom stickers in different venues.

  • Local marketing. Local marketing with custom stickers is perhaps the easiest strategy. You can offer stickers as free gifts in your store(s) or as a free gift with purchase. You can also place the stickers with other, complementary local businesses. Another effective strategy is to take them to conferences, trade shows and special events to hand out. Finally, you can mail them out and place them on service vehicles and equipment.
  • Regional, national or international marketing. Often businesses with regional, national or international locations can promote brand uniformity and awareness with custom stickers. Creating stickers to distribute to customers at each franchised location, for instance, can help brand the franchise location in those areas. Customer service representatives can hand them out during service calls and business managers can distribute them at Chamber of Commerce meetings, conferences, networking breakfasts, trade shows and more. Some companies even use stickers to double as business cards.
  • Online marketing. One of the best ways to use custom stickers for online marketing is to include a free sticker or two in the mail package with every customer order. This way, customers will have the opportunity to place the sticker in a visible location and remember to reorder from your company again.

By trying out these ideas for using custom stickers as part of your advertising strategy, you can build brand identity, increase customer loyalty and create an ongoing relationship that can lead to repeat orders.

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