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How to Promote Your Esports Team Online

by | Updated on: May 15, 2024 | Digital Marketing 101, Digital Marketing Strategies | 3 comments

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If you’ve started or joined a competitive esports team, getting exposure and attracting fans is key to your success. Promoting your esports team through online channels can help you connect with potential sponsors, acquire new fans, and grow your overall brand recognition in the gaming community. Here are some of the top tips for promoting your esports team online:

Create Social Media Accounts

Having accounts on all the major social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is a must. Use these channels to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at your team through photos, videos, interviews etc. Engage with followers by responding to comments and messages. Run contests and giveaways to attract more followers.

Design an Eye-Catching Team Logo and Branding

A logo and color scheme that represents your esports team will make your branding standout. The logo can be incorporated throughout your online presence and merchandise designs that fans can purchase. Come up with clever team names and slogans that fans can rally behind as well.

Start a Team Website

A website dedicated to your esports team gives you a hub for all information about your team, players, schedules, sponsor details etc. Allow fans to easily find info about your team history, player bios, upcoming matches, results, standings and more on your site.

Share Gameplay Footage and Streams

Upload clips of your best gameplay moments and matches to YouTube and social media. Live stream your practice sessions and tournaments on Twitch or YouTube Gaming so fans can watch in real-time. Ask players to stream individually as well so followers can support specific team members.

Connect with Influencers and Other Teams

Reaching out to popular gamers, streamers and other esports teams to collaborate, co-stream or shoutout your team can introduce your brand to new audiences. Offer to promote their channels as well. Networking within the esports community leads to growth opportunities.

Leverage Hashtags and branded terms

Use relevant gaming hashtags like #esports when posting online to tap into larger conversations. Refer to your team name, player gamer tags and branding across posts so your team identity gets imprinted with fans.

Promoting and managing an esports team required consistency, creativity and persistence. But with a strategic approach to boosting your online presence, you can build genuine hype and support for your team’s success.

Author:- Deepan Paul is a Assistant Manager at Seven Boats. With a strong focus on digital marketing, Deepan has achieved notable recognition and awards for his expertise, including 7 LinkedIn Top Voice Awards in Search Engine Optimization, Organic Search, and Web Content Writing. He is also a member of the LinkedIn News India Partner Program and has had his articles featured by LinkedIn News India. Additionally, Deepan serves as a trainer for Seven Boats Academy, where he imparts his knowledge and skills to others. As an alumnus of Seven Boats, Deepan has successfully managed over 150+ projects, including international ones, and has a proven track record of driving traffic, generating leads, and boosting sales for businesses of all sizes.



  1. Ilolas

    Promoting your brands and services online can be a great thing to consider. Thanks for the above list of tips you have provided here. This will be quite helpful.

  2. Hybrid Theory

    The combination of active social media presence, distinctive branding, a dedicated team website, and sharing engaging gameplay content can significantly boost the visibility and popularity of your esports team within the gaming community.

  3. Zara Toms

    nice post!


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