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Select The Right Image to Grab Attention & Convince The Target Audience

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selecting the right image for your TG

As they say, an image can tell a thousand stories. But, why should you bother while you have only one to tell? In this case, it is important to choose just one very relevant piece to speak for you. The selection should be based on the target niche. For that matter, you require the right words coupled with the right images to convey your messages. A story that can appeal to the deep desires of onlookers, must be told through these images.

According to studies, people can decode messages hidden in the image, in a better way compared to words. Such understanding has a lasting impression on human mind. If there is a gap between what you see and what you hear, brain usually chooses what you see. Brain always prioritizes visual information over others. Image always is the fast track to connecting marketers. Just a stock photo cannot help you building that connection. Check out the right methods to finding the most apt image.

A strong foundation is important…

It is important to be very careful while using a particular slab of text with an image. The image must add value to the text and not refute it. A truly powerful image is that which can speak to the target audience on a symbolic level. The brand should try to associate with the target audience with intuition. Human understands matter in a better way through association. Both, Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud feel that niche target derive multifaceted information from visual cues.

The magic of an effective symbol has strange abilities to disseminate messages to both, conscious and subconscious human minds. Choose images for marketing copy, not only thinking about what you want to say, but what you want people to feel. According to psychologists, a symbol can disseminate multiple significances at the same time. Every individual symbol can have two different values, one on the surface while the other remains hidden. The hidden value, in most cases is derived from the functional point of views.

The face value of an image can have a hugely undifferentiated impulse and feeling that often do not lead to consciousness. Image is important for such feelings because they often cannot be put in words effectively. It is difficult attaining them without the aid of smartly chosen photographs with powerful influence.

While selecting the image, it is important to keep in mind what type of photographs can reflect the buyer persona with the buyer’s demographic information in mind. Success lies in identifying motivation to use them for quality visual representation of the niche target’s most desired element.

The image must represent an experience and not only a product…

While selecting an image, you should keep in mind the outcome of buying your product instead of just the look and feel of that. If you have plans to sell a hammock, it is important to offer the target customers a nice cozy feel that they are about to get after buying it. The picture accompanying a marketing document should offer a virtual experience of similar nature. More than the product, you sell the desired experience of repose and relaxation to the targeted viewers.

Numbers compel viewers faster…

Some of the customers are not easily convinced about certain matters, especially where ROI matters the most to them. Conversion depends heavily on credibility of a brand. A text accompanying an image can bring high level of credibility to it. While evaluating claims, people trust the subjective feelings of truth. An image is a lot better than nothing, but only the right image can do the magic. It is worth more than anything is. The right image backed by the most credible text and apt numbers, statistics, graphs, charts has the most effective impact on the mind of your target audience. Logical buyers have greater belief in the evidences of numeric, graphs, and charts.

The thread of information that run through all points regarding considerations for choosing the right image for maximum visual impact focus on the matter of credibility. Visuals that are easy to find, might not be the right product for compelling the target niche. A diligent search is important to find the best ones. That can help your brand to stand out and have a poignant impact on human mind. 

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