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Why you should diversify your traffic?

by | Updated on: Dec 18, 2023 | Digital Marketing 101 | 1 comment

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As we step into 2024, it’s time to talk about a crucial strategy that could make or break your online success: diversifying your sources of organic traffic. Let’s take a dive into why this is more important than ever and how it can pave the way for a thriving digital presence.

Shielding Against Algorithm Surprises:

Imagine your website’s traffic taking a hit because of a sudden change in a search engine’s algorithm. Scary, right? By relying solely on one source, like Google, you’re risking it all. Diversifying your traffic sources acts like a safety net, softening the blow of unexpected algorithm updates.

Not Putting All Eggs in the Search Engine Basket:

Yes, search engines are the go-to for many, but depending only on them is like playing a risky game. Diversification means spreading your wings to social media, email, and referrals. This not only reduces your reliance on search engines but also ensures a steady flow of visitors from different directions.

Rolling With Changing Tides of User Habits:

Users are a fickle bunch, and their habits change faster than you can say “update.” Diversifying your traffic strategy helps you adapt to these shifts. Whether it’s the rise of visual content on Instagram or the latest dance craze on TikTok, being diverse keeps you in the game.

Casting a Wider Visibility Net:

Diversification is like turning on the floodlights for your brand. Social media, forums, and niche communities offer chances to connect with different crowds. More visibility not only brings in new visitors but also makes your brand tougher, ready to face changes in any one platform.

Avoiding Heartbreaks from Platform Makeovers:

Remember MySpace? Exactly. Platforms come and go. Relying solely on one can be risky business. Diversifying your organic traffic means you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket, protecting you from losing everything if a platform goes through a major transformation or fades away.

Making Users Happy with a Varied Experience:

Different strokes for different folks, right? Each platform caters to a unique user experience. Social media loves quick, engaging content, while search engines appreciate the in-depth stuff. Diversifying ensures you meet the expectations of users on different platforms, leading to better engagement.

Boosting Your SEO Game:

Oddly enough, diversifying your traffic can boost your search engine game. Engaging on social media, getting backlinks from various sources, and having a mix of content contribute to a more robust SEO strategy.


So, as we sail into 2024, remember this: diversify, adapt, and watch your online traffic bloom in this dynamic digital world. Embrace the diversity, stay open to change, and enjoy the ride as your organic traffic takes your digital presence to new heights.

Author:- Deepan Paul is a Assistant Manager at Seven Boats. With a strong focus on digital marketing, Deepan has achieved notable recognition and awards for his expertise, including 7 LinkedIn Top Voice Awards in Search Engine Optimization, Organic Search, and Web Content Writing. He is also a member of the LinkedIn News India Partner Program and has had his articles featured by LinkedIn News India. Additionally, Deepan serves as a trainer for Seven Boats Academy, where he imparts his knowledge and skills to others. As an alumnus of Seven Boats, Deepan has successfully managed over 150+ projects, including international ones, and has a proven track record of driving traffic, generating leads, and boosting sales for businesses of all sizes.


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  1. Brandwizz

    Your post on the importance of diversifying traffic is spot on! It’s a crucial aspect often overlooked. I appreciate the breakdown of reasons. Have you noticed a specific channel that brought unexpected positive results after diversification? Eager to hear more about your experiences.


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