Google Search Ranking Factors Explained – Infographic

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We have recently researched on Google search ranking factors 2012 and we have come up with this simple infographic where we have tried to show you the major factors for Google search ranking in a simple way. Further to our extensive research on the latest search ranking changes after Google Panda update, There are 5 major heads for Google search ranking in 2012 and out of these 5 broad heads, we have categorized all the possible factors involved to influence your website’s Google search ranking.

The 5 most important Google search ranking factors are:

  1. Content
  2. Backlinks
  3. Online Trust
  4. Authority
  5. Social Signals

Check the Google search ranking factors infographic below for further detail.

Google Search Ranking Factors Explained – Infographics

Source: 7boats

Google Search Ranking Factors 2012 - Infographics

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