How to check Fake Page Rank!!

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fake page rank

Many of us prefer to buy a domain with high page rank thinking it will be a shorter road to success as the page rank for the domain is already high. But little do we realize that we get ourselves into a high chance of being scammed. The next question is how? Well for the answer of this question, checking the fake page rank becomes important because on that context we can be duped by the sellers. There are many things we should keep in mind while buying the expired domain. Firstly we should check the fake page rank of the domain we are buying. Before we go further we will know a bit more about page rank.


What’s PageRank?

Page Rank is a rank assigned by Google to every web page which tells us how much the web page is important or we can say how the webpage is performing on the internet. The rank values are from 1 to 10. A page with higher rank means that the webpage has higher authority than the other web pages having lesser rank. For example a website having a PR6 has lesser authority than a PR7 or PR8 website. And the page rank of a respective website can be found on the Google Toolbar installed on the browser. Apart from that there other places online from where we can check the page rank.

Check Redirection

Now to check whether the domain we are looking for is with fake page rank or not we have to simply go to and enter “” with or without www. (say is the domain you are interested to purchase). If the results return with the same domain details then the page rank mentioned is real but if the results are returned with a different domain then that means the domain is redirected to that domain with higher page rank and the page rank mentioned to us doesn’t belong to  This trick is quite often used nowadays to fool us and some of us fall prey to the trick due to lack of awareness. Hence, it is very much important for us to research on the domain if we are intending to purchase a high PR aged domain or expired domain.  We can also check on website “” where we can provide the domain and if it results as “redirect” then we should understand that the page is having fake page rank. In this website we can check five websites per day for redirection.

Check Backlinks

Besides there are some other factors which are there to be looked at before we shell out money for high PR domain. We all know how Page Rank works and hence we can’t afford to miss out on the backlinks which are mainly responsible for the page rank. So we have to see how reliable are the backlinks to that domain and from where the domain is getting the backlinks. Whether the backlinks will stay or not after the domain is purchased is a important question. We even need to see whether the links were spammy or not which will automatically get deleted. So buying a domain with good number of proper backlinks will be a good deal. We can check alexa plus to see from where the backlinks are coming to that domain.

Check Archive.Org

Then another step is we can go to for the domain history and there we have to see the recent snapshot of the domain and click on it. If the click returns back to itself, then it means the page rank is real but if the click leads us to different website it will mean fake page rank.

So if any of us planning to buy a domain with high PR, it becomes very much important for them to have a solid knowledge of page rank. And the above steps are a must in order to get the value for the money.