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Search Engine Marketing SEM Services

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Paid Advertising

Grab the Advantage of Search Engine Advertisement

Search engines offer advertisement space for brands on their search engine results. These spaces are usually found on the top or right of the organic search results. Because of their excellent placement on the consumer’s computer screen, they attract the eye and also the clicks. A brand owner has to pay for the clicks that consumers make on their advertisement space. That is why this form of online advertisement is also called Pay per Click (PPC). Search engine marketing (SEM) through paid advertisement has an advantage of about 20% over the organic results when it comes to being clicked by the online users.

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Our PPC campaigns are handled by competent and experience account managers. The SEM (search engine marketing)  team will draw up a plan that provides the best returns on your investment. The clicks that online consumers make have to be exploited to the fullest to make the PPC campaign a viable one! Because of the careful planning done by our SEO executives, we are able to provide results to your sales charts almost immediately. The use of paid advertisement makes you more visible online. That will mean a greater volume of online traffic. Our SEO services have the right back-up to tap into this additional traffic and validate the spending on PPC campaigns.

Google Adwords is frustrating. It seems a full time job with all of Google’s new requirements. Lots of stress and complexity to handle campaigns by own. Money goes out, but ROI? Facebook Ads are confusing to decide – PPC or CPM? Learning all these is very time consuming & tiring experience.

7Boats is here to help you out of this situation by letting you know the minimum trick or tweak you need to know for what is the best fit for your business and how you can maximize your return from minimum Ad budget.

Here are some benefits of search engine marketing (SEM) through paid advertisement that we provide to your business:

  • Increase your consumer database by getting more online consumers to visit your website. The increased online visibility provided by PPC campaigns ensure that you are on the screens of consumers interested in your domain of work
  • Effective landing page optimization to make the most of the selling opportunities that paid advertisement offers. With more online traffic coming in, the landing pages will act as receptacles

Efficient budgeting and bid management so that you get the best possible returns on investment. PPC campaigns can also affect your search engine rankings. Our budgeting optimizes your spending and gives your business a competitive advantage.

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We offer two types of paid advertising optimization now. Those include:

Google Adwords

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Facebook Advertisement

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Google Adwords, Analytics, WMT & Apps are free registration services from Google. We charge you only for the service we provide to assist you, which takes into account the manhour involvement from our end. 7Boats is no way directly associated or authorized by Google to charge you for their services.