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The micro-blogging site Twitter is flooded with big brands, and large and mid-sized companies marketing their business. This social networking site is known to provide big results, when it comes to reaching out and connect with people. Despite the advantages of this micro-blogging site, many small companies are yet to populate their business with the help of Twitter. Such companies usually believe that Twitter provide better result for big brands, which are already popular and well known among people and as a result, people would like to receive updates about them. What the small companies overlook is that this micro-blogging site has huge number of users and thus, will help them to gain a global exposure. Moreover, Twitter allows certain features to help businesses pinpoint and reach their target audience.

Social media has become the buzzword in the world of Internet marketing. Thus, a company that fails to maintain a social presence is missing out the most of it. Besides, you need to experiment with every possible opportunity if you want to survive the rat race of online marketing.  Often, small businesses stay behind due to their limitation on budget. However, with social channels like Twitter, limitation of budged should not be a concern. They offer free membership; thus, there is no reason for the small businesses not to leverage upon the advantages of this micro-blogging site. Those who are still contemplating, think about the following benefits of this social networking site for small businesses:

  • Twitter allows you to reach the global buyer’s market, increase product awareness and exposure, and create a brand for your business. Use twitter hash tags (For Search visibility) or use Google application for business with nimble to leverage Twitter & other social media as your CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • You can tweet about new product launch, events and other interest business news and achievements. You need to update your followers constantly about your business activities to create an excited audience, which in turn, will create a buzz about you business.

  • Twitter can help you to increase sales. You can use this micro-blogging site to update your targeted audience about your latest product offers, promotions, and sales discounts. This will help you to increase online and offline sales dramatically.

  • You can use this platform for customer feedback, improving your customer service. Your profile will work as online Customer Service Desk helping you to provide support to existing customers and attracting new ones.

Finally, you can use Twitter for reputation management. You can know what people are saying about you through such social networking sites and communicate with your customers directly. Also, use your Twitter profile for building an online forum or community. Twitter even helps you to drive traffic, provided you tweet quality and interest content to encourage you followers to click your link.

How to use Twitter – Infographic

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How to use Twitter - Infographic