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6 WordPress Image Gallery Plugins

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With massive growth over the past few years, WordPress is appreciated uniformly by businesses of different sectors. Once used, no one would hate WordPress websites as it comes up with such special features capable of delivering high outputs for any business. When it comes to quality and security, WordPress is second to none. Above all, it is peoples’ favorite as no expertise skills are required to configure, set up, or run a website in this platform. Well, the next question drilling in the minds of many would be the extension and expandability offered by this platform! In fact, WordPress is highly extendable and renders a great outlook on incorporating a few extensions. And, this article is about some of the worthy image gallery extensions and how they are profitable to your online web business.

wordpress image gallery module 1

Hereby I have presented a grand list of bewitching image gallery modules for WordPress websites.

1. Drop Shawdow Boxes

Adding certain graphical effects to your website is never a bad idea as most people re-visit sites that are fancy looking. But, the problem is incorporating graphical effects require adept CSS skills. And, definitely everyone won’t be an expert in CSS, so an alternative to resolve this crisis is by adding an extension called as “Drop Shawdow Boxes.” Coming up with both shortcode builder and widgets, it is one of the widely recognized extensions of all time. More details about this interesting plugin is available at the site

wordpress image gallery module 5

Demo: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/drop-shadow-boxes/screenshots/

2. Photo Mosaic Gallery

Constructing a visually-striking website is very possible using this impeccable Photo Mosaic Gallery. All it requires is a shortcode to convert your ordinary photo gallery into a great-looking one. Features like widget support, mansory layout, template tag support, etc. have made this extension quite popular all over the world. Find more exciting information on the features and benefits of this nifty extension from the site

wordpress image gallery module 7

Demo:  http://codecanyon.net/item/photomosaic-for-wordpress/243422

3. Global Gallery

With most ecommerce business transforming into mcommerce, having the mobile-ready option in the website would be a great move. Global Gallery plugin plays a great role in resizing the gallery layout, resolution, etc. to make it appear hot in front of the audiences via Android-based smartphones. The 3-color layouts and 4-lightbox ready options have added more spice to this extension.  A few more features and benefits of using this plugin is provided in the site.

wordpress image gallery module 8

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/global-gallery-wordpress-responsive-gallery/3310108

4. VimeoGraphy

For those who are keen on customizing videos and image galleries, VimeoGraphy is a boon. It just takes 30 seconds to load video galleries effectively using this simple extension and utterly simple to customize them. Some special features include great control over graphics width by pixels and percentage, allows unlimited gallery creations, in-built cache to speed up loading, etc. More details about this extension and its features are available at

wordpress image gallery module 9


5. Social Gallery WP Photo Viewer

With Facebook going viral nowadays, presenting your site with Facebook-like styled appearance won’t be a bad idea to drive sales. Lightbox features embedded with social media buttons are other prominent features speculating this effective plugin from their rivals. For educating more about the features and abilities, visit the site

wordpress image gallery module 10

Demo:  http://codecanyon.net/item/social-gallery-wordpress-photo-viewer/2665332

5. NextGen

The centralized gallery management system embedded in this system allows you to come up with managing all your images effectively. Edit, insert, resize images as you wish using this powerful NextGen gallery plugin. Upload images in batches using this efficient plugin. For more details on features and benefits, visit the site

wordpress image gallery module 11

Demo:  http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/nextgen-gallery/screenshots/

6. WP Pica Gallery

Pica gallery is nothing but “PICASA” yet with subtle changes. It easily organizes your large set of digital photos effortlessly. Create, edit, manage photos without fuzz using this plugin. Overall, it is compatible with WP versions of 3.0 or higher. More details of this software are available at,

wordpress image gallery module 12

Demo: http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Wordpress/PICA-Photo-Gallery

I hope all the modules discussed in this article are of immense worth to many businesses. If you are looking for one, pick the best one that best suits your business needs and budget.

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