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Various Attributes That Differentiate WordPress From Drupal

by | Updated on: Aug 22, 2023 | Wordpress | 0 comments

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wordpress Vs drupal
Difference between WordPress & Drupal

Of the different trends in web designing that are in vogue among the web designers around the world, a popular one is the use of open source software. These are easy to use and since these can be downloaded for free and installed easily, web designing has also become easy with this open source software.

In the community of web designers there has been much discussion and comparison between the two leading CMS, WordPress and Drupal that is used by the designers worldwide. These open source Content Management Systems are built on MySQL and PHP. These two CMS vary in terms of the flexibility, features and the convenience of using both of these.

Ease of using

WordPress initiates as a user-friendly platform for blogging, but with the initiatives of designers from across the globe that has resulted in various plug-ins, themes and widgets, this has now transformed into a platform of creating a dynamic website. Now with limited training the designers and content managers can easily use this CMS. On the other hand, Drupal is a robust platform that has an exemplary taxonomy system. So, if you want to design a complex website with extensive content, then Drupal can be a good choice.

Requirement of technical knowhow

Both of these can be compared based on few points. The code of WordPress can be upgraded and the database is upgraded automatically in the background. For Drupal, the database can be upgraded easily but the code cannot be upgraded. Up-grading from one version to another is very intense and often this requires re-designing. WordPress provides the designers that are required to create and design a site. You need not require know-how of FTP and HTML coding for the same. Drupal is more of technical and does not provide and easy to use tool to the designers.

For high performance sites

Drupal has many quality modules that provide the sites with a clean look. These modules aid in creating websites and also managing their websites. The websites that are built with Drupal are known to be the high performance ones and have in-built caches. It has a powerful framework that serves as a solid foundation for various forms of websites. These sites can be customized only with the help of advanced web designers. Whereas sites created with the help of WordPress can be customized easily with the help of various plug-ins. For few of the major customization, the easy to use interface might face as a hindrance.

Security of the site

Another point that differentiates WordPress and Drupal is the security of the site. It has been noticed that majority of the government sites are created with the help of Drupal. Designers opt for Drupal also because of the SEO benefits. A number of features are built in WordPress so the designers have control of the different elements in the site. Different features related to blogging and SEO are installed in the site so different aspects of the website can be customized and altered. In Drupal also there are a number of features, but utilizing the same in the site might seem to be a daunting task.

Availability of various options

In comparison to WordPress, Drupal is known to have less number of plug-ins and themes. Often the designers state that Drupal is tough to use. In reality, this CMS is not tough to use, but you need adequate expertise to deal with the same. Drupal is considered to be apt more for the experienced designers than the novices. Since there are easy-to-use options in WordPress, it allows the advanced as well as the beginners to use the same seamlessly. However, according to a research, there are more users of Word Press than Drupal worldwide.

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