Top 22 types of blogs you can create today

Best types of blogs that make money. Popular blog types with great income potential - When it comes to blogging for making a living, choosing the most popular or top types of blogs matters a lot. Get Top 22 types of blogs that can make money.

Popular types of blogs that make money: When it comes to blogging for making a living, choosing the most popular or top types of blogs matters a lot. There’s a variety of blog types on the internet depending on content topics, audience, and activities. To succeed in your blogging career, you’ll need to choose the proper type of blog from its inception. 

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In this article, I’ll share the top 22 types of blogs you can create today and start your blogging career right away. But before you jump over the types of blogs, keep in mind that there are no such official rules or norms to classify all the blogs available on the internet. However, you’ll get some idea of blogging types and create your own. 

How to choose right type of blogging?

To choose the right type of blog for your blogging career, you should check the following 4 points – 

1. Your passion 

2. Your expertise or experience 

3. Popularity on the internet 

4. Earning potentials 

After matching these 4 points, you can consider choosing a blog type that might work for you. 

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Top 22 Types of Blogs You Can Start Today 

1. Natural Health and Wellness Blog 

Natural Health and wellness is a trending topic right now. People became aware of health hazards coming from chemical uses. People are looking for “Back to Nature” lifestyle blogs for disease-free health and longevity. 

Natural health and wellness blogs share advice on how to remain healthy naturally. Natural health and wellness articles give information about harmless natural remedies, exercises, yoga, food modifications, good health supplements, and many more. 

2. Finance Blog

Finance blogs give information about finance management. Finance management is a crucial part of daily life nowadays. Finance blogs typically share tips and tricks on how to manage existing money more smartly and efficiently to generate more wealth. 

This type of blog may help companies, NGOs, entrepreneurs, and many more. Finance blogs cover a variety of topics like insurance, budget, loans management, investments, share markets, etc. 

3. Game Blog 

Gaming blogs are getting popular day by day. Game blogs share information about the latest industry trends, new gaming software, game events, and more. 

Game blogs are useful for gamers, reviewers, and game developers. Gaming articles are getting huge traffic and making money as well. 

4. Fashion Blog

Fashion is a very big industry and one of the top industries in the world. Fashion blogs get huge traffic and multiple earning opportunities. 

Fashion blogs cover several micro niches like clothes, hairstyle, design, beauty and make-up. I recommend choosing a micro-niche type so that you can establish a brand authority faster. 

5. Guest Blog

A guest blog is a blog where many writers can write their blogs as a guest. This blog type is a good place to gather a large number of audiences. You don’t need to hire any writer, just you have to have a list of good writers who are interested in the guest blogging.    

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6. Travel Blog

Travel blogs are very useful resources for travelers. These blogs explain famous places, hotels, costings, guides, maps, everything about a place where you want to travel. This type of blogs are suitable for tourism and hospitality businesses like travel agencies, hotels, airlines, and many more.   

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7. Transcription Blog 

A transcription blog is very useful for trainers, coaches, or any kind of public speakers. You need to share your audio or video transcription on your blog to attract your targeted audience.  

You can use several tools to transcript your audio or video content to save a lot of time. Transcription blogs can help you get more engagements and sells.  

8. Parenting Blog 

Parenting is a challenge for modern parents. Mom and dads are looking for guidance to take care of their children. These blog types cover behavioral activities, teaching techniques, handling health concerns, and more. 

9. Food Blog

Food blogs are very popular in foodie people community. This blog type shares about healthy diet, recipes, and ingredients. How-to tutorials are very popular in these blogs. You can earn money by selling online cooking course, affiliate promotions, diet chart printables, and so on. 

10. Marketing Blog

Marketing blogs attract marketing professionals, agencies, businesses, and marketing students. In marketing blogs, you will get knowledge regarding marketing strategies, marketing tools, careers, everything related to marketing. 

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11. Fitness and Weight Loss Blog

Fitness and weight loss blogs are fascinating nowadays especially for obese people. People are looking for workout ideas, diet charts, morning habits, and many more. 

It’s a great idea to start a blog with fitness and weight loss niche. The earning opportunities with fitness and weight blogs include affiliate marketing, selling e-books, cheat-sheets, printables, online courses, etc. 

12. Lifestyle Blog 

Lifestyle blogs are trending on the internet in recent years. Lifestyle blogs can be several types like family, cultural, political, and artistic. Bloggers can cover a wide range of topics and create influence on a large group of audience. 

A lifestyle blogger makes money through public speaking engagements, sponsored content, collaborations, etc. 

13. DIY Blog 

DIY refers to do it yourself. It’s a very good blog idea and can attract a large audience. DIY blogs can be many types such as art and craft, civil construction work, wood design, sculpture, clay work, and so on. 

Bloggers share how-to types of blogs and encourage visitors to do the activities themselves. Visitors feel great while they try new stuff and complete it. 

14. Personal Blog 

A personal blog reveals a blogger’s personal life experiences, expertise, stories, views, and so on. The purpose of a personal blog can be anything like influencing, building a community, making positive changes, etc. 

Personal blogs are great for chefs, trainers, coaches, photographers, to make a dominant position in their niches. 

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15. Political Blog 

Political blogs share political news, analysis, agendas of different political parties, and so on. But it became popular to get hired by any political party and promote the party through blogs. Make sure you always remain neutral and don’t publish any unethical agendas on your political blog. 

You can attract a very big audience through political blogs. Always try to put nonbiased content on your political blog website. 

16. News Blog

News blogs are made by purely focussing on the news. News blogs can be regarding anything like technology, wildlife, politics, religions, tourism, career and jobs, entertainment, and more. Media students and professionals can start news blog to make a big follower.   

17. Car Blog 

Car blogs are great resources to learn about everything related to cars like new car launches, dealers’ information, and safety features. Visitors can also get car tax, car finance information too.  

18. Pet Blog

Pet blogs engage a large audience of animal lovers. Pet bloggers share information on pet health, pet food, pet grooming, pet training, and more.  

19. How-to Blog 

You can make a blogging career by setting up a how-to blog. How to blogs are step by step tutorial blogs and very popular on the internet. You can share as many as you can how-to blogs according to your expertise and experience. 

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20. Listicles Blog 

List blogs are probably the most shared blog-type on the internet. List articles are highly scannable for readers who want to get quick information. It has a huge audience and you are one of them (have you noticed yet?). This article is an example of a list article. 

21. Review Blog  

You always look for reviews on the internet before purchasing anything. Writing pros and cons about any product or service may not take much time for you but may help generate good revenue. Review bloggers help purchasers to take any buying decision through their blogs.

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22. Entertainment blog

If you are a musician, artist, composer, aspiring RJ, Stand-up comedian, entertainment journalist, prankster or anyway related to entertainment or love to entertain people, you can start your own entertainment blog.

Once you have selected your blog’s type, next you’ll need to know how to set up a blog and make money and also how to bring your readers back to your blog. Our digital marketing course can help you learn all the digital skills you need to succeed in your blogging business.   

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April 28, 2022

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