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Best Five Easy Tweaks to Make WordPress a More Professional CMS

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In today’s world, WordPress is one of the most important and popular systems helping in management of content for internet users. It has been observed that most of the websites that usually take help of content management systems take the help of WordPress. It is unquestionably one of the best solutions for management of content.

There are different websites which run with the help of WordPress. Since there are a number of websites which run with the help of WordPress, word press should have a more professional approach to managing contents. Let us discuss five simple tips by which WordPress can be made into a more professional content management system.

1. Change the language

Whenever you are logging in the dashboard of WordPress, the top right corner showcases a link to your own profile which is addresses as Howdy! Howdy is a more colloquial term which is used by the Americans, which can be improved with a little bit of professional tone. Especially when you are presenting this website to a professional organisation, you should have a more professional approach. The word Howdy can be changed into something more professional and soothing such as hello, or welcome to your profile. It also gives an optimistic approach to first timers who are logging in for some business.

2. Superfluous blogging widgets should be disconnected.

The widgets that are present in the WordPress website are most of the time related to blogs. If you are into building a blogging website, this is all good enough, however if you are building a website which would be dealing with the content of companies, blogs could be removed from the same. Blogs have a tendency to confuse customers who are new in this business. Use only word press as your content managing system. These blogs can be removed by using plugging. These plugging can be set up easily from the dashboard. However this is easy for people who are more internet savvy.

3. Redundant dashboard widgets which are not required can be removed from the webpage.

Dashboard widgets that are present in the screen are usually ignored by people visiting the site for business. It has been observed that maximum number of clients do the same. They are hardly bothered about the latest updated plug-ins of extra information in the dashboard. The internet savvy clients can themselves remove the widget option by clicking into the box which has screen options present in the right hand corner on top. Most of the people who cannot do it by themselves find it pretty irritating as well. The widgets can also be removed by using a kind of code name.

4. The Hello Dolly plugin present can be removed

The new and updated installation of the WordPress comes with an inbuilt Hello Dolly plugin where the lyrics of the song hello Dolly are sung in the background in the right hand top corner present in the dashboard. This is termed as highly unprofessional for some of the clients. However the sad part is that this cannot be removed as easily as the others. One needs a professional hand to remove the same. Another plugin can also be installed in order to remove this plugin, just to notice that the new plugin is as irritating as the previous one. Thus the only option left is going directly to the plugin page and removing the plugin for good. You should always remember that if this version of the WordPress or any custom wordpress themes are updated, the plugin of hello dolly will come back again and you again have to follow the same process of deleting it.

5. Using traditional posts for the dashboards

Last but not the least one can use posts in dashboards which can be grouped under different classifications. Thus will be easier for the client as well as he will be able to find things easily.

These are five simple ways in which you can create a professional approach to your word press as a good content managing system software.

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