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Data Driven Search Marketing is the IN thing after Panda Took the Stage

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Search Engine Marketing Service The data driven marketing process has made marketing processes much easier and the marketing goals much more achievable. Collection of the right data is important. Then it becomes easier to take the right decisions and increase the probability of achieving success.

The modern day search marketing includes all the traditional marketing metrics like, churning resource, customer retention, a lifetime customer retention policy and profitability. If retaining every customer proves expensive, then you should believe that those customers are worth keeping in contact with. More visitors engaged post-click, more relevant the site remains to Google.

Data driven playing field:

A few other search marketers still do not have much faith in this marketing system. But, Google is a purely data-driven company. Google act upon data. In order to anticipate the next step of Google, you need to think like a Googler.

After panda updates, it has become very important to engage users. The sites not engaging readers are less likely to get good ranks. Well known brands get prequalified traffic. Brand awareness has a great role to play in lowering bounce rate. This also leads to better engagement signals.

Data driven marketing:

The name says it all. The core of it is collecting and analyzing proper data to have a deep insight into marketing strategies. This is a smart way of measuring relevance of the brand to the visitors. The site can keep changing, based on the behavior of the previous visitors. This is an effort to make the site more relevant.

The process is done in three different steps. Those are setting up the right framework for measuring and analyzing the visitor’s behavior. Assumptions are tested using data received from the visitors. Then the contents, offers and channels are optimized to get the best return. This is the process used in the PPC system. Large companies engaged market researchers to do surveys, and even go out on streets to collect data. The process has now become easy and less cluttered. Things can be done at quite a small budget. The profit making companies invest around 20% more than average in the process of collecting the right data. But, the smaller companies spend nothing more than 4% less than average in the process of collecting perfect data. It is very important these days to focus on collecting right data. Otherwise it is nearly impossible to excel in the process of marketing. Especially the post-panda era demands a focused and streamlined market research process.

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