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How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Business?

by | Updated on: May 15, 2024 | Digital Marketing 101, Brand Building Guide, How-To Guides | 1 comment

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Coming up with the perfect name for your business can be a daunting task. The name you choose needs to not only represent what your company does, but also be catchy, easy to remember, and stand out from the competition. Follow these tips to help you select the ideal moniker to represent your brand.

Know Your Brand Identity

Before starting the naming process, be very clear on what your business is all about. Know your mission, values, and brand identity inside out. The name you pick should convey your company’s purpose and offerings. If your business’s emphasis is on eco-friendly products, sustainability should be reflected in the name. If you offer financial services, the name should indicate solidity and trust. Defining the core identity makes it easier to brainstorm fitting names.

Involve Key Stakeholders

While the marketing department may be tasked with naming products and initiatives, when it comes to naming the company itself, input from key stakeholders across the business should be taken. Founders, executives, investors – listen to what these crucial stakeholders envision. Explain brand identity clearly and ask for their naming ideas. Reaching consensus from various stakeholders makes business name selection smoother.

Mind Keyword Targets

Ideally, the name should contain keywords representing your niche, offerings, or location – assuming they flow well phonologically. This makes it easier for customers to find you online when they search for related terms. If you run a bakery called “Buttercups” in Boston, keywords like “bakeshop” and your city should be reflected for SEO benefits. Just don’t cram too many or it will sound awkward.

Check for Availability

Before you register any name, double-check that the domain and social media handles are available. There’s nothing more frustrating than picking out a name you love and then realizing another business already uses it online. Do your research to see if trademarks or existing businesses use that name. It always helps to register domains early even as you ideate names to secure online presence across channels.

Say it Out Loud

No matter how good it looks spelt out, say the name aloud. Is it tricky to pronounce? Could it potentially sound silly or get mocked? If people can’t figure out pronunciation easily, that’s a drawback. You want a name that flows off the tongue with clarity. Perhaps ask a few trusted connections to say your shortlisted names to see which sounds the strongest.

Consider International Appeal

If your business plans to sell or serve internationally at any point, pick a name without cultural meanings that could get lost in translation. Don’t just ask associates locally – connect with native speakers of target countries to see if they have positive or negative connotations attached to the names you’re evaluating. The last thing you need is a name that offends global audiences or is difficult for foreigners to pronounce.

Stay Timeless

While naming trends come and go, you don’t want to pick something so cutting-edge that it will sound instantly outdated in 5 years. On the flip side, an overly generic name with zero personality is easily forgettable. Strike the right balance between a name that is memorable yet flexible enough to remain appealing decades from now as you grow. Legacy companies tend to have names that transcend eras gracefully.

Trust Your Instincts

At the end of the day, when reviewing all the contenders on your list, listen to your gut instinct. Which name sparks excitement and feels uniquely suited to your brand? Try picturing your future success and growth – which name captures that vision? More often than not, first instincts pinpoint standout names that feel “just right” from day one.

Naming your business sets the tone for your brand identity both internally and externally. Take the time to meticulously brainstorm options, gather wide feedback, and analyze the shortlisted names thoroughly. Protect the name digitally as soon as possible too. Eventually, you’ll discover the right name – one that successfully captures the essence of your amazing company.

The naming process requires significant thought and alignment, but the effort pays off through increased brand recognition and value over the long term. Follow these tips to discover a great business name and propel your path to success.

Author:- Deepan Paul is a Assistant Manager at Seven Boats. With a strong focus on digital marketing, Deepan has achieved notable recognition and awards for his expertise, including 7 LinkedIn Top Voice Awards in Search Engine Optimization, Organic Search, and Web Content Writing. He is also a member of the LinkedIn News India Partner Program and has had his articles featured by LinkedIn News India. Additionally, Deepan serves as a trainer for Seven Boats Academy, where he imparts his knowledge and skills to others. As an alumnus of Seven Boats, Deepan has successfully managed over 150+ projects, including international ones, and has a proven track record of driving traffic, generating leads, and boosting sales for businesses of all sizes.


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