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Sky is the limit with WordPress

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wordpress WordPress is a platform for blogging and is becoming renowned day by day. It will prove to be very useful if you are planning to create your own website, not only this, but it will also help you to update it from time to time with no difficulty at all. It would be hard to deny that, undisputedly; WordPress possesses the incomparable ability to design the future and is even capable to change it.

Ability to change future

Word Press is such a wide content management system that it is not even possible for any one person to know all that it offers. Conventionally, we all know that WordPress is used for blogging but dear reader, let me tell you that it has so many widespread and incomprehensible features that when I came to know about those I was simply delighted! Just a bit of a creative mind and this amazing WordPress would render the future changed. But before that it is important to know what exactly WordPress capable is of. Here are some of the uses of WordPress .Just read on to discover what you have been missing.

Multiple authors on your WordPress blog

Instead of logging in the WordPress dashboard and entering the password and username, you can go to the users section of the WordPress dashboard, and administrate your blog with more then one users who can have easy success to the posts of blogs; comments and plugins.You can involve your friends, family members and business partners in this.

Whenever you add a new user, there is a drop down box available and it is possible for you to choose any one among these: administrator, author, subscriber or an editor. You can very conveniently have an editor for you who will be able to proofread the posts, edit the posts of other people, without him/her having anything to do with the themes and plugins.

Another option can be to add friends and if in case, he/she is not trustworthy enough, they could only be told to add posts to the blog. A proper author can even add new content to the blog. So it is just amazing because no one will be able to change your themes or plugins, and without making changes to anyone else’s content, they can add unlimited amount of stuff.

A new post on the blog

Its second very worthwhile use of WordPress is that it tells others about any new content you have added on your blog automatically. You can set twitter plug-in and as soon as you make any new posts to your blog, WordPress will automatically log in your twitter account and provide a link to the fresh post made by you. The  built in blog along with ping list through which, as soon as you make a post and it goes live, it will be submitted to yahoo, Bing, Google and numerous other blog directories.

So, it is good to get themes changed by the use of WordPress, beside this you can also have many other features of WordPress by which it is possible to change the future.

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  1. Rajkumar Jonnala

    Nice job!I am happy to know the features of the word press.I will surely use them for my blog.Thanks for the use full post!Keep posting.

    • Olawale Daniel

      WordPress is a great platform for bloggers to get things done the better way. I’ve been on WordPress for years and I can say, it rocks!


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