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Top 10 Basic and Advanced Computer Courses in India

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computer courses in India
Top 10 Basic and Advanced Computer Courses in India 1

In the age of global digitization, computers have significantly changed the way of living. In every step of our daily needs, we are likely to depend on computers. Whether you want to purchase an essential commodity, or you want to sell your old car, you can do everything sitting comfortably in your home using a computer and the internet. 

However, as computers became an indispensable part of modern-day lifestyle, people have found themselves obligated to learn a variety of computer courses to fit their requirements. Some computer courses are basics that are required to learn for general purposes, where some courses are advanced that are mainly required for professional purposes in specialty areas. 

So, without wasting further time let’s get started with the top 10 basic and advanced computer courses in India

Top 10 basic and advanced computer courses in India 

  1. Computer and internet fundamentals 
  2. Microsoft Office 
  3. Computer hardware and networking 
  4. Data entry 
  5. Computerized accounting 
  6. Web designing 
  7. VFX and animation 
  8. Programming languages and software development 
  9. Cyber security 
  10. Digital marketing 

Top basic computer courses in India 

  1. Computer and internet fundamentals 
  2. Microsoft Office 
  3. Computer hardware and networking 
  4. Data entry 
  5. Computerized accounting 

Basic computer courses refer to general computer courses that are usually required for all. These courses mostly include general operational knowledge of a few basic needs of daily activities such as managing documents, connecting with people through emails, solving basic internet issues, maintaining personal accounts, and so on. These courses are essential for both general users and professionals.  Get a list of a few essential basic computer courses in India.

Computer and internet fundamentals

Computer and internet fundamentals course is carefully designed to teach people the basic operations and uses of computer and internet for personal or business purpose. This course includes the concept of operating systems, internet channels, diverse applications, and many more. 

Although this course isn’t a professional course, it’s the basic skill for general as well as professional individuals. After completing this course students become familiar and confident with the computer and internet world.  

Microsoft Office 

Microsoft Office is perhaps the most popular application across the world. Microsoft Office, also known as MS office, is typically a tool created by Bill Gate’s Microsoft Corporation for managing official tasks. MS office consists of a variety of applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Skype, and Calendar. But Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are the most favorite applications for computer users for creating documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. 

After completing the Microsoft Office course, students will be able to handle all types of official jobs on a computer efficiently. This course is very helpful for getting an office management job in any industry. 

Computer hardware and networking 

Since the number of computer users is growing drastically day by day, computer hardware and networking became one of the most sought-after technical skills in India. In this course, students learn everything related to computer hardware parts and internet connections. 

Major topics of computer hardware and networking course include – 

  • Identifying different parts of computer and computing infrastructure 
  • Understanding the assembling and disassembling process
  • Installing and uninstalling every operating system
  • Managing network performance as well as security 
  • Testing and verifying the performance of computer hardware equipment 
  • Addressing technical issues of computer and network 
  • Installing and configuring different network devices like VPNs, switches, and routers 

Data entry  

While most people have confusions regarding data entry jobs, many people think data entry means only typing on the computer. But the major responsibility of data entry jobs is researching and procuring necessary or relevant data from various sources for a specific purpose. 

After procuring data, data entry professionals enter the data in a database and maintain the record accurately for future use. Job opportunities include data entry clerk, data entry operator, and so on.  

Computerized accounting 

Computerized accounting course teaches students about maintenance of accounts on computers. A variety of software is available for maintaining accounts on computers including Tally, Shopper, Busy, and many more. 

As all industries require an in-house accountant for maintaining their business accounts and monetary reports, learning computerized accounting helps students get a quick job and make a sustainable career in the accounting field. Job roles include account executive, audit executive, account manager, senior account, etc. 

Top advanced computer courses in India 

  1. Web designing 
  2. VFX and animation 
  3. Programming languages and software development 
  4. Cyber security 
  5. Digital marketing 

Advanced computer courses typically refer to courses that are designed for professional advancements. These courses are basically special courses related to a particular specialty area of profession. In general, advanced courses contain several levels of learning that fit certain related levels of careers. 

Web designing 

Web designing is a great course for people who want to create websites. It deals with diverse elements of creating and managing a website. The course curriculum includes several coding languages such as Java, HTML, and PHP. 

You can learn this course either to get a job in a company or to work independently by selling your web designing services. A large number of private and govt. institutes offer web designing courses. The duration and fee structure widely varies depending on the institute and curriculum. Typically, a professional web designing diploma course lasts for 1 year and costs around INR 30000 to INR 60000. 

Job opportunities include web designer, graphic designer, web developer, etc. and salary varies from INR 10000 to INR 3 lakh per month depending on the expertise and experience. 

VFX and animation 

VFX and animation have become increasingly popular among film and TV production houses. This course teaches students everything related to graphics, animations, 3D technology, and visual effects among others. 

The popularity of animation movies is increasing day by day and the importance of visual effects in movies or series has also increased significantly. Therefore, the demand for VFX and animation professionals in the film industry is very high and you might get a great package at the beginner level. 

In most cases, VFX and animation experts work independently and earn much more than jobs. But this field requires a variety of skills such as creativity, software skill, teamwork, sketching and drawing, good observation, and so on. It’s highly recommended to consider exploring this field only if you’re very passionate about animation and ready to work hard for your passion rather than money. 

Programming languages and software development 

Software development is another great field for making a lucrative career in the computer and Information Technology (IT) industry. With the advent of various types of mobile apps and web apps, the demand for software developers is very high in the IT industry. 

To become a software developer, you will have to learn various programming languages such as Java, C++, Native, NET, ReactJS, and many others. Software developers work on developing diverse types of web applications, mobile applications, and software that are useful for businesses. 

The software development course emphasizes the latest coding and development methods such as iOS, Android, Hadoop, JavaScript, and Unity. An expert software developer can earn anything between INR 50000 to INR 6 lakh per month in India.  

Cyber security 

When most people are buying and selling things using the internet, cybersecurity has become a crucial part of businesses across all industries. Right from eCommerce to the fin-tech market, many customers are making transactions either through mobile apps or using online fund transfers. Cybersecurity has become mandatory nowadays for preventing unforeseen ransomware, cyberattack, hacking, and theft.  

A cybersecurity course includes understanding diverse kinds of cyberattacks, recognizing online threats, and proactively taking preventive measures. This course will teach you everything related to online security so that you can assess technical risks and take predictive steps to avoid any unexpected online threats in the future. 

Job opportunities include cyber security analyst, cyber security architect, network security engineer, cyber security manager, and more. An expert and experienced cybersecurity professional can earn up to 80 lakh per year. 

Digital marketing 

Digital marketing is one of the highest paying fields in the world nowadays. This field is growing rapidly hour by hour among all industries because all businesses and brands are shifting their marketing strategies towards online marketing for capturing positions in the area of internet marketing. 

Learning digital marketing skills helps students get high paying jobs in various companies. Aside from job opportunities, digital marketers can start their own online business and earn a serious amount of money using different online marketing channels. 

A variety of digital marketing courses are offered by numerous digital marketing training institutes in India. The course duration depends on the curriculum and depths of the course. Digital marketing is an umbrella term and a number of facets and skills are involved in the entire digital marketing industry. 

Most common facets of digital marketing include – 

Versatile job opportunities of digital marketing include SEO expert, SEM executive, social media manager, digital marketing manager, and many more. 

You can learn digital marketing skills for starting a new career from scratch or for betterment of your existing career. Before you choose any digital marketing course, consider exploring the institutes’ previous track records to make sure they offer 100 % career supports after successful completion of the course. 

Final words 

These top 10 basic and advanced computer courses are very popular in India for making a good career. The ultimate choice of computer courses depends on your career planning – what type of passion and capability you have and which industry you want to enter. 

However, digital marketing course includes such kind of skills that are required in both aspects, either for making a great career in the digital marketing industry or can be used as an advantage for the betterment of a career in any industry. 

So, no matter which industry you prefer for making your career, digital marketing skills are a must nowadays. 

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