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Understanding web analytics is important to improve your business

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Google analytics

If you are a website owner and is investing in digital marketing strategies like SEO then it is of significant interest for you to understand actually where your money is going and what is the return you are getting from it.

Search engine optimization is a process that involves regular investments and can demand a lot from your tight schedule. But with the help of the web analytics you can make your online efforts more worthwhile and by easily keeping track of your progress you can always improvise your web marketing strategy for a better result.

To fully understand the functional process of web analytics you need to carefully follow the reports provided by it and comprehend their meaning and only after that you will be able to improvise your online business strategy way in a more effective and fruitful manner. The whole process can be broken into five steps that will help to make it comparatively easier to understand.

  • There are a number of web analytics tool available for search engine optimizers and website developers. The paid analytics tool or the free Google Analytics may require some decoding skills to fully understand the ranking of your site along with from where your traffic is actually coming and also the total number of incoming traffic classified according to days, weeks or months.
  • A number of other essential information are also provided by these web analytics tools like how long a visitor spends time in your website and which are the links that he is actually clicking on your page. Depending upon your individual needs you can also create customized reports from these web analytic tools that can help you to provide your business with the necessary boost that it was lacking.
  • But choosing the right web analytic tool is very important and you must be very much sure of what you actually need and why because a increased traffic may not always be the key performance indicator because from where your traffic is coming and what are their exact activity in your site is equally important too.
  • Tweaking your digital marketing strategy depending upon the inputs from the web analytic tools can play a very prominent role in improving your digital marketing strategy so that you can get the best return from your online campaign. If you find that your favourite keyword and redirecting links are not providing you the desired result then it is surely the time to make the all important changes as early as possible depending upon the inputs provided by the web analytics tool.

By availing the right web analytic tool you can always ensure better business from your online venture and earn more revenue for your services. The most efficient web analytics tool must have the ability to collect all the available data and statistics regarding your site and must also be able to analyze them in a way so that it can provide you with the best of the reports depending upon which as the website owner you will ask your web hosting service provider to make the necessary manipulations and improvisations that is the true requirement for a better business.

Compare your Google Analytics with web averages [Infographic]

source: kissmetrics

google analytics average infographic

Improving your Google Analytics Setup [Infographic]

source: tatvic.com

Analytics Infographic
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