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Unique Content: Meaning and Criteria

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Targeted Content How many times have you had it said that internet marketers must provide unique content? You need a massive calculator to hit on the right number! It is never said: what is unique content? That is the question that we will explore in this post. From the discussion it will be clear to you on what unique content is and that will, in turn, help you to provide it to your online viewers. It is a very simplified definition to say that unique content is exactly that: unique! However, when you come to the end of the post, you will find it is the definitive part of this kind of content.

Meaning of Unique Content

Unique content has many check-boxes. Here are the three Ps of unique content:

  • Precision: A user looks up some content on the search box. The words used are keywords. How close your content is to the user’s requirement defines how unique your content is. The precision with which your content matches up to the user’s exact keywords will also ensure that the user takes up your content easily. After all, that is what the user is looking for! This degree of precision is a vital key to unique content.

  • Presentation: Your content is unique only when the users feel that they have not read or seen that kind of content, design and presentation anywhere else. This is the cornerstone of unique content. Your website or web page has to meet this demand if it has to measure up to being called unique content. Users surf a number of websites on an average. Your content must strike them as something that is never seen before on any other website.

  • Personality: Distinction is an attribute of unique content and that comes from creating a unique personality in your content. You need a defined voice that is completely and wholly yours. It can be irreverent, sarcastic, informative, anecdotal, anything! As long as you give your users a personality that is unique, they will read your work. Remember, some may not love your voice or find things not up to their taste, but they will never ignore your work.

Now that we have checked out the three Ps of unique content, let us look at the criteria that modern marketers must cater to.

Criteria for Unique Content

You may call a piece of content as unique because you think so. But that is not how the search engines or the common online users perceive that particular piece of content. That is why online marketers who claim to create ‘unique’ content never appear to reap the rich rewards that they feel as well-deserved. Their ‘unique’ content may not stand up the modern definition of online marketing. A unique content is defined ‘unique’ only when it is:

  • Relevancy: We have discussed this key point above but here’s a reiteration. How relevant your content is to the keywords used by the user sums up how unique your content is. Search engines and searches must both feel that your content satisfies the query searched by the user.

  • Value: Your unique content must provide value that is not found anywhere else on the web. In terms of information, analysis or even images, the content you have posted should be completely or at least partially something that the users cannot simply find on any other web page, be it in your domain or not. It should be one-of-a-kind, exactly what unique means.

  • Useful: The content you have published passes the litmus test of being unique only when it serves the purpose it has been written for. You may have written a brilliant post but if it does not come in for some use, no matter who, it fails its purpose of being published. Content has little value when it has no meaning. Words, however beautifully crafted, lose their flavor online when it is not useful.

Does your content match up to these standards? Write in and share your views!

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