8+ Free Writing Tools to improve your content

Title Case


Not sure which letters should be capitalized in your title Simply copy and paste your headline into this tool and it will convert it into perfect title case. 

Headline analyzer


CoSchedule’s headline analyzer breaks down your headline, segmenting different types of words, and giving you hints on how to improve it.  

Focus Writer


This writing app focuses on an uncluttered interface and has a hidden menu that you access by moving your mouse to the edge of your screen.  

Hemingway editor


The Hemingway editor allows you to paste your content into the tool and it will analyze it sentence by sentence. The point is to make your writing bold and clear.

Rank Math WP SEO


This WordPress plug-in will score your efforts based on several factors and ensure you don’t forget any vital components of SEO. 

Google Docs


Helps in collaborative writing.  Also get voice typing.

Google Trends


Discover trends and see if the subject you are thinking of writing about is taking off or fading 



Want to give your readers an estimated reading time? Simply copy and paste your text into this tool for an estimate. 

Bonus Tools 


1. Grammarly 2. Calmly Writer  3. StayFocusd 4. The Most Dangerous Writing App 5. Otranscribe 

Bonus Tools


6. Alchemy Text 7. Answer the public 8. Yoast SEO 9. Portent’s Content Idea Generator 10. Thesaurus.com 11. Alsoasked.com 12. UberSuggest