3 Quick Tricks to Speed Up Your PC

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speed up PCThere are few things as truly frustrating as having a slow computer. Whether it is when you first turn on the computer in the morning and it just seems to be stuck on the screen, or it takes like 10 minutes to load and seemingly nothing is happening or when you click on something but it takes for ever to follow the link, it can be annoying to say the least. But, there are some things you- the computer user and owner- can do to help increase the overall speed of your computer. Better yet, most of the steps that are listed below are actually very easy to do and do not take that much time at all- that is, unless your computer is extremely slow at the moment. Either way, here are some things you can do to solve the problem of a slower than average personal computer.


1. Remove spyware and protect your PC from viruses and other risks

Spyware is a big problem because it can be used by outsiders to track your information and use it in ways that you would probably not approve of. Spyware can slow your computer down quite a bit, and is usually the culprit behind a slow computer in the first place. This step should always be the first one done because it is the most likely. There are some free spyware programs on the internet, and many computers already come with a spyware removal program already built into it. It is also important to install anti-virus software onto your computer, as it will help protect your computer from viruses and spyware among other things, and thus make your computer faster- or at least make it so your computer will not run any slower than it was before.


2. Clean up that disk

Most computers do not have an infinite amount of disk space, so it is usually a good idea to clean it up from time to time. Cleaning up disk space is really easy, and usually only takes a few clicks of the mouse to get it done. This is another common culprit for a slow personal computer, because temporary internet files will be saved onto the disk, eat up memory space and then that leads to a slower personal computer. By getting rid of these files, your computer will run faster than it did before.


3. Upgrade

Sometimes your personal computer will be running slow because it is in need of a new operating system. So, if you are really worried about it, then look into buying the newest Windows or whatever system you have, or go online to the company’s web site and see if they have any free upgrades available, because sometimes they will. A new operating system will increase the speed of your personal computer quite significantly most of the time, and it is usually just a plain, old good idea anyway, so give it a try.

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