India and the Growth of Internet Marketing

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“Name one of the booming industries of India” – ask this randomly and Internet marketing will surely be one of the most popular answers. Yes! The Internet era in India has opened up amazing possibilities. According to a latest study of InternetWorldStats.Com there are around 120 million Internet users in India (By 2015 it would be approx 400 million), which is an increase of 700% in the last six years. This also means that there is an 8.5% penetration. However, with our given population, the 400 million Internet users of India comprise of only 3.6% of the total population. Thus, the scopes are indeed huge in the country. And this becomes clearer with companies like “Ogilvy One making fresh investments in their India operations”. You can get more statistics about the Indian web and mobile markets by numbers from GigaOm

Again, the number of SEO companies has more than doubled in India in the past few years. This too reflects the scope and the new possibilities. With the given number of Internet users and each user making an average of 30 searches per month, the potential to reach the new targeted customers is great. And almost all the brands (as well as small companies) are leveraging upon this now-popular trend. Companies either have their own SEO team or they are outsourcing their online marketing requirements as a part of their marketing strategies. Businesses have realized that traditional form of marketing alone cannot help them to be the industry player anymore.

Another growing culture that has considerable influence in the growth of Internet marketing in India is the trend of buying things online. From groceries to technology stuff, everything is sold on the Internet. This has made shopping easy for the consumers and SEO tough for the marketers. Every marketer is competing for the popular keywords to achieve the top positions in the search results. The popularity of the online purchasing is clearly visible from the increasing number of e-commerce sites. And to add-on to the already popular trend of online purchasing, we now have the deal sites.

The E-Commerce Market in India [Infographic]

Source: ReferralCandy

India Ecommerce potential - Infographic

If all these are not enough to define the scope of Internet marketing in India, we now have the millions of Facebook and Twitter users in the country who are more than eager to give away their opinions on every aspects of life online. Thus, businesses are leveraging upon the social media and networking sites to seek their bottom line. Where SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) form an important part of online marketing to secure a higher rank in the search engines for the targeted keywords, social networking sites play a great role in improving brand visibility. And together, these channels help businesses to improve their ROI on the investment.