Infographic on latest Web Design Trends

We have earlier written about the latest web design trends in 2012-2013 and this time, we are showing it in an infographic.  Check out below the infographic about latest web design trends. Rich typography, solid blocking, homemade design, oversized type, photo backgrounds, infographics are a few of the latest web design trends to name.

infographics about latest web design trends




  1. Sanjib Saha says

    Hi Debajyoti,

    Another great post from you. Info graphics have been drawing the attention of many users across the world for their relevance. I like this post a lot. Infographic on latest web design trend is going to be very useful to learn about the upcoming trends. Would like to explore more about this and share with my friends.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sanjib Saha

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