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10X Content: What, Why and How

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10X content

While browsing around for content creation and marketing ideas, I often came upon this term: 10X content. It intrigued me with the same questions that I have asked in the title. What is it? Why should I bother to create such content? If I actually decided to do it, how will I proceed?

On further exploration, I found that many startups and entrepreneurs are gunning for this kind of content, albeit with varying degrees of success. Before you can try it out, I have assimilated the points I found online into this post. It is like a ready guide for you if you want to try out 10X Content.

10X Content

What is 10x content?

When you carry out a casual search on Google, you get a listing of 10 links on the first page of search results. Your first thought, if you want to enter this domain of business, is what you need to do to be listed among this top 10 in the business. The point to make here is that the business may already be saturated with the same kind of content.

If you join the bandwagon by creating similar content like the other 10, you are jostling for space with many other players in the arena, including the websites in the next page of search results. It does nothing for your business.

To cut through this glass ceiling, you need to create content that is better than all 10 of them combined! This is what is referred to as 10X content. It is creation of content that is ten times better than the competition around you.

Criteria for 10X Content

Coming to the next question, why should you or I bother with creating such content? As is evident, it takes you 10 steps ahead of the competition curve. Because you are 10 steps closer to the end user, you have better chances of getting those online leads that will allude the others in the fray. It is easier said than done, though!

Your content has to be really good in order to qualify for this tag. Pooling some resources together, here is a shortlist of pointers you need to tick if you want your content to hit the 10X mark:

  • User Interface and User Experience, UI and UX, make up the Holy Grail of online content. You need to strike gold in both these areas in order to ensure such a heads-up on your content.
  • The soft skills of your content roll in next. The content, as you obviously know, have to be interesting, intriguing and most definitely incisive. You need to go up close to the user so that they feel that the content is tailored for them. The emotional response to the content is what takes it so much farther.
  • The content must look to address deeper, graver and more intimate concerns of the end user. You need to take the content away from the online platform to the very lives of the reader.

How to Do It?

This is quite tricky a question because, frankly, no one knows for sure! You can get the usual tips and tricks like studying users closely to tailor content for them, brainstorm for ideas, dig into for insights and come up with something unique. But really, haven’t you been trying these all along?

All you need to do now is, think differently. Change the perspective. You know your domain of business inside out. Why are you limited by the content norms? Put yourself in the shoes of the user and find out if the existing content is satisfying your demands as a potential buyer. Mark out areas which are falling short. Jump in and cater to this shortcoming.

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Final Word

The best tip I can give you as an endnote is that you will have to be persistent. There is no doubt that you will fail once in a while. Every big brand does that. There is no rule to create a movie that will work! The same lack of logic applies here. If you persevere, you will hit pay dirt sooner rather than later.

When you do, let me know!

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