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What are Breadcrumbs and why breadcrumb navigation is important in SEO to boost ranking

by | Updated on: Jun 6, 2022 | Wordpress | 0 comments

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What are Breadcrumbs and why breadcrumb navigation is important in SEO to boost ranking 1

What are breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs are a type of navigation that allows users to see their current location within a website, and they are typically displayed at the top of a page. They are typically made up of links to the previous pages in the user’s journey, and they can be very useful for SEO purposes.

Why breadcrumb navigation is useful in SEO

When used correctly, breadcrumbs can help search engines to understand the structure of a website and to index its pages more effectively. They can also be helpful for users, as they provide a clear path back to the home page or other referring pages.

How to use breadcrumbs correctly

When creating breadcrumbs, it is important to use relevant keywords and to ensure that the links are placed logically. Incorrectly placed or irrelevant breadcrumbs can actually have a negative effect on SEO.

Breadcrumbs are very important especially when it comes to blog navigation. Without navigation, a user will not feel comfortable about going around the blog and will get lost. Just like in the fairy tale, these breadcrumbs are used to help a user navigate around your blog, and help them find what they need.

Video Tutorial on Breadcrumbs

Why Breadcrumbs Matter in Blogs

When your blog has gotten a lot of entries, navigating can be difficult. With breadcrumbs they have another navigation aid and are very convenient. With it they will have an easier time finding pages or specific categories on your blog. In other words, it helps make your blog friendlier and thus more attractive to other readers. The positive impact from readers will increase the popularity of your blog.

At the same time your breadcrumbs will cut down the steps that they have to take to go back and forth. By cutting back the amount of navigation time for your readers, they will enjoy reading your blog even more. Another benefit of using breadcrumbs is that they can find their location easily.

Other Benefits of breadcrumbs

These breadcrumbs will also help you when it comes to posts categorization. With it, you don’t have to worry about making separate pages for its or that categories. What not a lot of bloggers realize is that it helps in SEO via internal linking. You just need to make sure that you utilize the right keywords for the anchor text allowing you to link many pages in your blog. This set up assists search engine spiders in finding your site and study its content.

Breadcrumb WordPress Plugins

There are a lot of plugins for WordPress that make it easy to apply breadcrumbs. A good example is Breadcrumb NavXT which makes it easy to generate breadcrumb trails. You can also customize the trails so they match the requirements of your website or blog. Another benefit of this plugin is that it is very user friendly.

Another good plugin is Yoast Breadcrumbs or Rankmath because it makes it easy to add breadcrumbs to a template or theme. Furthermore, it is compatible with many WordPress Frameworks. Yoast Breadcrumbs also has support for WP Framework, Thesis, Hybrid and Thematic. If you want to try another plugin there is Breadcrumbs Plus which makes it simple for anyone to put a breadcrumb menu to a site or blog.

The plugin also helps users go back to their page they were on previously from wherever they are. This plugin also has support for multiple languages such as Polish, Spanish and Italian.

There is also Flexi breadcrumb , and just like the others can generate breadcrumbs for your different WordPress posts and pages. The Simple Crumbs plugin needs to use Permalinks to work. Another good choice is Breadcrumb Trail. You can use this breadcrumb plugin for WordPress. Simply install the plugin and follow the instructions to get your breadcrumbs ready.

There are many other breadcrumb plugins that you can use. While they all have the same purpose, their setup and features differs. Some are more powerful than others, but offer more features. If you want to find out what type of WordPress breadcrumbs plugin is ideal, it’s best to give each one a try. You won’t lose anything by giving them a shot, and it will make blog editing a lot easier.

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