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Drawing Effective Pictures with Words

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How often have you heard it being said, a picture can speak a thousand words! If this adage works for every form of writing that there is, it surely ticks for online writing as well. Whether it is writing an article or a blog post, or even a newsletter, it is just another format of writing. But, you are doing it with the use of words and phrases, just like a writer who writes books. In other words, rules that work for a book writer apply and work for you as an online writer as well.

Use the Five Senses

five-senses The brain registers the five sense organs, including the visual, audio, olfactory and the tactile. There are separate portions of the brain dedicated for these functions. If your writing can evoke more than one of these senses, you are more likely to make an impression on the reader. For example, writing something like ‘the smell of stench’ or ‘the touch of a hot pan’ engages more of the reader’s attention than just flat, pedantry phrases. Using these phrases also ensures that a realistic picture or scene is recreated in the mind of the reader.

Clichés Kill the Cat

cliches-kill-the-cat There are many clichés that do the rounds even in the domain of creating word pictures. These stale pictures do not entice the reader into imagining the scene or the picture. In fact, they repel the readers into drifting away with the attention. If you want to create word pictures, you have to steer clear of the clichés. Clichés are counter-productive and serve little purpose. Instead, if you use creative word pictures that are unique and offer a fresh perspective, you are very much in the green zone. A good tip to clear out clichés is to ask yourself: have I read this before? If your answer is yes, strike it out and think again.

Get Creative with Metaphors

creative-with-metaphors Word pictures come across as alluring and interesting when you think of different kinds of metaphors. Think of your favorite works of literature that truly sparked off your imagination. It happened because the writer was creative with metaphors. You can achieve the same results with your writing. Unique, fresh metaphors and similes have a direct impact on the reader. These metaphors cut through the fabric of writing to register impressions. Later on, these metaphors enable the reader to recall your written piece and in turn, bring up the marketing message to the immediate memory.

Create and Solve a Mystery

solve-a-mystery Every reader loves a little mystery and suspense. It keeps the readers on the edge. With word pictures as well, you can create a sense of mystery and puzzle. For example, you can write something like ‘Do you know what to do with the kudos you will receive for resolving a grave issue?’ in your newsletter. The reader is immediately piqued about the issue and how it gets resolved. Of course, you cannot deviate too much from your core message as that will be misleading the reader in the guise of a mystery. And do not forget to unravel the mystery by the end of the piece!

Words for Imagery

Words for imagery By reading the points mentioned above, you may think that successful content writing entails that you create word pictures and that in itself wins the game for you! It is not that easy. Or convenient, for that matter. Even when you have achieved the perfect imagery, you need the right words to convey that. You cannot toy around with inappropriate words to get the imagery right. In fact, without the right set of words, the most brilliant of visuals will fall flat. So, the next time you are writing with images bubbling around in your mind, make sure you have the right phrases and words to precisely and correctly put them across to your reader.

The Final Word

Using word pictures and imagery will inject new life and vigor into the most banal of topics, if you do it right. A will to do so is of utmost importance and so is the investment of time and effort to get the writing part right. Try it out in your marketing pieces and ask readers for feedback. Keep developing this art and you will richly reap dividends.  

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