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How to use Social Media for job search

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social media to find your first job
Find a job using social media platforms effectively

How to find a job using Social Media

A recent survey found that between 85 and 99 percent of all college students have a Facebook account. Sure, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus are a convenient, free and fun way to stay connected with your friends and family, but they’re also an increasingly useful job-hunting tool. Before hitting the pavement to search for jobs the old-fashioned way, learn how you can harness the power of social media to land your first post-graduate position.

Set Up a Separate Business Account

Your Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages are filled with hilarious pictures of you riding a pony on your fifth birthday or enjoying your best friend’s going-away party a little too much. Your friends and family members might find these pictures and your musings on the state of modern cinema hilarious, but future employers won’t be impressed.

When it comes to connecting with a potential employer through social media, do yourself a favor and set up a separate account. Don’t publish anything that isn’t related to your job search on this page, and only friend or follow business contacts, potential employers or past colleagues.

Create a Presence Online

A recent survey conducted by The New York Times found that almost 45 percent of employers are searching their potential employees’ names online. If you’re not sure how to create an online presence, start with creating a thoughtful, professional social-network page. For instance, if you’ve recently earned an IT masters degree online, include fascinating articles about the current state of the technology sector.

Also, while using social networking to craft your online identity, don’t forget to follow, like or friend as many potential employers as possible. Stay connected by liking their posts or sharing links about the business. When you are able to apply for a position, your potential employer will be very impressed at your knowledge of their firm, and that you’re an ardent follower on Facebook.

Join LinkedIn Immediately & start building network

Sure, you can post an ad on Facebook touting your skills or follow a potential employer on Twitter, but when it comes to actually getting your resume into an HR representative’s hands or on their computer screen, no social networking site is more valuable than LinkedIn.

In a nutshell, LinkedIn allows you to research a company, connect with that company’s employees and even look for jobs. You can also post your resume on LinkedIn, making it accessible to several thousand employers at once. Joining groups is another great way to stay connected with your peers, so don’t be afraid to post and inquire if your dream employer is hiring in the future.

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Read Every Post You Can

You’ve joined LinkedIn and set up separate Twitter and Facebook accounts, but you still cannot seem to land your first job. This might be because you’re overlooking the “chatter.” Chatter is the replies to posts and questions posed by your fellow job seekers.

For instance, let’s say you’re following a large company on Twitter; you scan your Twitter page daily to see if the company posted anything but don’t take the time to read the questions and posts of your fellow followers. Little did you know these job seekers are posting some pretty useful questions, and the answers can mean the difference between getting brushed off or getting a second interview.

Create a Video Resume

In larger firms, the HR representatives spend half their working lives sifting through endless mounds of resumes. Help yourself stand out from the crowd by creating your own video resume and post it on Facebook or even YouTube. Go ahead and be creative by including photos, clips and even music, but don’t ever sacrifice your professionalism.

You’re ready to utilize the power of social media to land your first job, but there is one important piece to the puzzle you might be overlooking. When it comes to ultimately impressing a potential employer, nothing looks better on a paper or video resume than an advanced degree. When you’re ready to earn a masters degree in negotiation, IT or any other field, consider the convenience and flexibility of an online education.

Start following various job groups on Facebook, LinkedIn

Start following domain specific groups or job groups on Facebook & linkedin.

Create Google Alert for your job specific keywords

Set up Google alerts for your job specific keywords so that you get information instantly in your mail box.

Setup accounts in various job portals, update your CV & apply

You should also join various job portals, follow their social media handles and keep your CV updated there. Always send CV with proper cover letter or with brief introduction email.

Create your own blog, update, communicate & promote it on social media

Create your blog and start regularly posting your ideas, opinions, knowledge there. Share it with your network and engage people to communicate. Create case studies about your target companies and tag them on social media platforms with your published case studies.

Join Free or Paid Online Internships on Social Media

There are plenty of opportunities available for online internships. You should openly jump into such internship programs and get experience certificates from the companies. It will be helpful to add up to your work experience and who says you may be recruited by the company itself if you can prove your worth.

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  1. Sovan saha

    Taking advantage of social media sites can help me find companies hiring. Use social media as part time job search results

    • Debajyoti Banerjee

      Thank you Sovan. Find below a few of the most effective ways of using social media to get a job.

      1.Share an online portfolio or your CV on social media.
      2. Actively search for jobs on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
      3. Edit the privacy settings on your social media
      4. Engage in related social media groups & discussions.
      5. Show your personality online by answering questions in your domain.
      6. Start your own blog and share knowldge.
      7. Make few youtube videos in your domain & share knowledge.

  2. Sukanya Bhattacharyya

    Nowadays finding the right job can be very difficult. With so many options someone like me will feel confused and clueless. This article is very helpful for persons like me to clear those confusions. The steps discussed here surely increases your chances to get noticed.


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