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Online Reputation Management Services (ORM)

online reputation management

Only a few years back, when services like Online Reputation Management services didn’t arrive at scene, doing SEO was much simple. The SEO firms used to do things like stuffing niche keywords on webpages for attracting Search Engine traffic or inviting backlinks irrespective of their relevance for increasing the popularity of a website; and thereby of the owner.  Not much emphasis was given on integration of Social Media and other factors for increasing online authority. Almost all websites of yester-year took to those strategies. Now Google’s recent Panda and Penguin updates ensure that backlinks are useful in building authority only when they come from good, reputed and relevant sites. On the other hand, a website’s Social Signals are now counted among the top defining factors for its reputation and ranking, exposing it to more social attacks, abuses and negative campaigns.

What is Digital Reputation Management?

How online reputation management services affect your website’s public persona?

Warren Buffett once said very truly, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently“. Whether you are an individual or have a business, this line very accurately addresses the concern, that giving values to your online audience in a different way is what separate you from the failure. As a Corporate you don’t expect yesterday’s so-called-useful backlinks and wrong brand engagement process to bring down your online reputation and you lose millions of dollars to the competitors. As a celebrity you don’t want bad content writing and a few negative remarks to put your credibility at stake.  You don’t want your followers to see 10 different negative campaigns or reviews when they google out your brand’s name. Online reputation management is important!

What 7boats.com Does for Your Brand’s online reputation management?

If you want to be smart with your business or personal web presence and look ahead by investing in an online reputation management service that will not only keep track of your brand image, but also communicate the best approach for achieving your business goals, think of 7Boats! We at Seven Boats Info-System Pvt. Ltd Kolkata, professionally and effectively manage all the aspects that define Online Reputation Management (ORM) to give you the best ROI. We never let you go down compromising your brand’s online image. We take holistic approach to keep you in the reckoning in a highly competitive internet market. We know what it takes to build and maintain your brand on the net.

If your activities are in the realms of public scrutiny and biases, if your communication channels need to be monitored and managed in your advantage, we have services specific for handling,

  • Celebrity Reputation Management services
  • Personal Reputation Management service
  • Dentists/Doctors Reputation Management
  • Lawyers/Advocates Reputation Management
  • Political Reputation Management
  • Corporate Reputation Management
  • Brand Reputation Management

We thoroughly take the effort to understand all your brand needs and prepare an in-depth strategy that addresses all your concerns. Whether it be brand identity or negative feedback in social media, we make sure we understand what you require and work with you to achieve it.

As soon as we join hands, we take no time to cut your web’s personal and public information into bones and spring into action step-by-step from the very basics to more advanced levels as per your requirements. We offer you the following services to,

  • Eliminate Negative Branding
  • Consumer Complaint Management
  • Remove Complaints
  • Remove Bad Reviews
  • Push Down Negative Results
  • Place Positive Feedback

We have honed our expertise in online reputation and brand management through our market experience. We grow our knowledge with the advancement of technology and constantly update ourselves with the latest tools and technologies provided by the internet. We help you re-design your website, with an emphasis on content and layout that speaks your brand’s ideology. We also code your website to prevent hacking issues and use search engine optimization principles to make sure your website appears on top of every search engine result, clean and authoritative!

The definitive guide of ORM

Read here how to do online reputation management effectively?

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