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‘About Us’ Page: How to Play it Right

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about us section There are a staggering number of online marketing firms that have an ‘About Us’ page but pay very little attention in writing it. Despite statistics show that this page on the website is probably the most visited one after the home page and maybe the Services page, very few websites contain a carefully worded ‘About Us’ page. The reason is not hard to guess. It is not, in the strictest sense, a page which clinches sales or converts leads into sales. But this part is only apparent. In the age and times when brand or company credibility is everything, customers and clients do check the ‘About Us’ page before taking a plunge.

Challenges of Writing It

Before we outline the challenging part, here is a reason why you can take some time and effort in investing for the perfect ‘About Us’ page. It does not required updating or adding fresh content as you do for the blog section or even the home page. You can write one good page and use it for quite some time! This surely gives you the perfect reason to ensure that you do not compromise on the quality of the writing.
Now for the challenging part. If you do not hit a delicate balance between writing about yourself and what the readers want to know about, you will hit a dead end. No one wants to read an ‘About Us’ page where the content is all about boasting about the brand and its products or services. People want to know what those products or services will do to make their life simpler. At the same time, you need to put out messages that are an absolute must for the people to know. Drafting through such a precarious balance is the real deal here.

Let’s Start Writing

We are awake to the challenge of writing the ‘About Us’ page. Let’s get started then! The first point sets off from the discussion that we had above, that is, writing about the customers or the readers first. For example, you are bringing in these people for some purpose. Why not meet their purpose in the very first line? That will instantly hook them into not just reading the rest of the page, but also realizing that you are putting their needs before anything else. Once you are able to achieve that kind of trust, you are better off in broadcasting some brand messages without losing their attention or sympathy.

Let Them Talk

When you are a good painter or writer, you want others to talk about your work, don’t you? How odd would it be if a painter or writer went to town bragging about his work instead of letting people talk and appreciate it? That is exactly what happens to most ‘About Us’ pages! The brand voices raise a clamor to be heard, not realizing that their voices are not really grabbing attention because people know that you will speak well of your own brand. Why not get someone else to talk about your brand? Testimonials do the trick in these cases. When other customers read about each other’s experiences with your brand, they find that platform and that element of solidarity. This bodes well for you!

Keep Them Hooked

Have you noticed how bland ‘About Us’ pages tend to be? It is a wise idea to inject some color into this page. Add some infographics, charts, statistics and an array of social media buttons. Keep the focus fixed on this page so that their attention never wavers out. A good example of this is the ‘About Us’ page of moz.com. You will find it difficult to tear yourself away without browsing through it all. Make that happen for your own page and you will find a difference in how your website is perceived by visitors.

Getting in Touch

So you have convinced the reader of your ‘About Us’ page that your brand is the ideal choice for you? And what happens when they make up their mind to get in touch with you? You expect them to find your ‘Contact Us’ page to touch base? That is asking for too much from newly converted potential customers! Plug in some contact information in the ‘About Us’ page itself. Do not make them hunt around for it. It is so much more convenient for them to find the contact coordinates in that very same page.

The Final Word

A jargon-free ‘About Us’ page that rightly and deftly reflects the brand is what you are looking for here. I’m not saying that you can arrive at the best option right-away. It may require some testing and exploring. You can keep amending the page. Of course, you will have to ensure that your page is easily accessible across all devices, be it computers, tablets or smartphones.
You’re welcome to share other ideas about the ‘About Us’ page here!

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