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Apple is releasing iOS6 update in the coming weeks

by | Updated on: Nov 4, 2019 | Tech Tips & Tech News | 2 comments

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Many thought that Apple had probably let itself down with the release of the error-prone iOS6 last September. But if reports are to be believed then it looks like Apple Inc, has decided to live up to its reputation as a company that takes pride in putting the user experience on top priority, by already working on an update.

Boy Genius has reported that Apple has started testing iOS 6.0.1 which is going to be released in the coming weeks.

That certainly will be good news for people who had upgraded to the iOS 6 platform only to find out that their wi-fi or Bluetooth has stopped working properly or that their Exchange meetings  is being cancelled all together, among many other annoying issues.

With iOS 6, Apple had introduced a few protocol changes which had made the wi-fi connection unstable in some devices. This was a major drawback of the upgrade and understandably, an awful lot of people have been put off by this. The reports look promising in this regard.

According to the report, the update will fix the infamous screen glitching bug of the iOS 6 release. The bug causes horizontal lines to appear on the keyboard when the user is entering the Apple ID password etc.

It also look like the update will take care of the problem with the camera flash light not going off as well, which is something they need to straighten out right away.

I guess it is worth mentioning that after the release of iOS 5, Apple did release an update (dubbed as iOS 5.0.1) for it after a month which fixed most of the bugs of the then current Apple operating system.

IOS 6 runs mostly on iphones and ipad devices and on Apple Tvs. According to the Apple CEO Tim Crooks iOS 6 is going to be run on about 200 million devices world-wide.

Of course, since the release of the iOS 6 platform many users have reported facing a variety of issues with their devices and it may take some doing from Apple to undo the harm done by the release of the often nasty iOS 6.

Some of the drawbacks of the iOS 6, apart from the already mentioned wi-fi and screen glitches include:

Battery Related Issues: Reportedly some device that were running on iOS 6 were discharging at an alarming rate even in the stand-by mode.

Introduction of Apple Maps: Many users would have been disappointed with  the design and over all functionality of the Apple Maps. The Wall Street Journal had reported that “Apple Inc.’s move to replace Google Inc.’s mapping software with its own on its mobile devices sparked a world-wide consumer backlash, marking a rare strategic blunder by a company more accustomed to rave reviews from users.”

Some of the users (according to internet reports) had switched to Google Maps before long.

I am sure there are many Apple users out there who probably have found fixes around crucial issues and they probably do not think that iOS 6 was as bad as this article would have you believe. But all I ask you to do is ask whether Steve Jobs would have allowed for a product as prone to glitches as this to be released? Probably not right?

The upgrade to iOS 6 from iOS 5 was a major one for most users with many new features being introduced including the Passbook book app which takes care of the users ticketing needs and improved user interactions, but be as that may there is no overlooking the fact that the release of iOS 6 had left many disappointed.

The disappointment of users over the changes in the maps application was so palpable that the Apple CEO Tim Crooks had to write an open letter to Apple consumers apologizing for not meeting the user expectations. He had written:

“At Apple, we strive to make world-class products that deliver the best experience possible to our customers. With the launch of our new Maps last week, we fell short on this commitment. We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers and we are doing everything we can to make Maps better.”

The launch of an Apple product has become a world-wide phenomenon with thousands of people standing in line the night to be among the first few who got their hands on the next Apple product. I think it is only fair to expect Apple to only launch products which have undergone long testing process so that when a new user lays his hands on any of its newly launched product he says to himself it was worth the wait.

Let’s hope that Apple Inc, under the new CEO Tim Crooks is heading in the right direction with this minor update because a certain Steve Jobs had spoiled us to expect only the most groundbreaking products from Apple.

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  1. Rajkumar Jonnala

    Wow, i already thought after the release of apple ipad mini, they surely release a new OS, and yeah iam right about that.

    thanks for the info

  2. Vincent

    Had some issues with the WIFI connectivity in the first couple of days after upgrading. Can’t say I enjoyed the how much memory the new apps took up, not to mention how utterly useless passbook is at the moment. But I did see a lot of improvement with Siri, and the facebook integration was a definite plus! (Although long overdue).


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