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Free Digital Marketing Tutorials & Free Online Marketing Courses

Free digital marketing courses, free online marketing tutorials
Free digital marketing courses & Free digital marketing tutorials

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We have handpicked here the most popular & free digital marketing courses & tutorials from Seven Boats & from other authority sources. All these free digital marketing tutorials & courses consist of extensive in-depth tips, tactics, how to guide, strategies, infographics, data and handful resources.

Learn and get clear idea about digital marketing, content writing, content marketing, inbound marketing, lead generation, conversion rate optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Online Ads, Email Marketing , WordPress, Blogging, Video promotion, Various digital marketing tools and many more. Get our free digital marketing guide.

Free Digital Marketing Tutorials [Video Tutorials]

Digital Marketing Video tutorials

Free Digital Marketing Courses

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Free SEO Courses & Tutorials

Free SEO certification [ Live Class Recordings]

Free SEO Course

Learn Advanced SEO from Scratch

  2. How To Do Keyword Research
  3. How to Protect your Website from Negative SEO?
  4. How to write Powerful SEO Title Tags
  5. New-age SEO tips
  6. Top On-page SEO tricks
  7. Local SEO tips
  8. Common SEO mistakes
  9. How to do SEO Audit
  10. How to use social media for SEO
  11. Page speed and SEO
  12. SEO Myths
  13. How To Select Right SEO Friendly Hosting
  14. SEO Metrics
  15. Top 3 Tips to Handle Hummingbird of Google
  16. How to avoid Google penalties
  17. How to stay safe from Google Penguin Update
  18. How to get benefit from Google Panda Updates & Penguin Updates
  19. Free SEO tools

Free Backlinks Tutorials

  1. How to analyze backlinks
  2. How to do backlink audit?
  3. link building best practices & guide

Free content writing courses & tutorials

Web Writer’s Guide To Better Content Writing

Seven Boats Info-System Pvt. Ltd. presents “Web Writer’s Guide To Better Content Writing” – A how-to guide on compelling website copy-writing. Fundamentals, Overviews, Deep insights, Quick startegies, handy resources & more. Learn the top secrets of web copy-writing and be a smart SEO content writer in just 7 days. Take this course now!!  click here

How To Write Excellent Newsletter?

Seven Boats Info-System Pvt. Ltd. presents “How To Write Excellent Newsletter?” – A how-to guide on writing compelling newsletter. Fundamentals, Overviews, Deep insights, Quick strategies, handy resources & more. Learn the top secrets of email newsletter writing and be a smart copywriter in 10 days! This is detailed guide for everything you need to know and do for a Successful Email Campaign. All the strategies discussed in this course have proven track records. Take this course now!!  click here

More Free Content Marketing Tutorials & Content writing tutorials

  1. Guide To Content Marketing
  2. How to write killer content
  3. How to write excellent newsletters
  4. How to Repurpose or Recycle Content
  5. How to make your content viral
  6. Content curation
  7. Content Shock
  8. How to create shareable content
  9. How to optimize content
  10. AI powered content automation tools
  11. How To Write Killer Ecommerce Content
  12. Evergreen content ideas

Free Tutorials on Website Traffic Optimization & User Engagement Optimization

  1. How to increase website traffic?
  2. How to super engage users on your website?
  3. How to grow your Facebook traffic?
  4. 9 Proven link-bait ideas to boost backlinks and traffic to your website

Free Social Media Marketing Tutorials

  1. How to Check Fake News
  2. Social Media Metrics
  3. LinkedIn marketing tips
  4. Advantages & disadvantages of outsourcing social media marketing
  5. Job hunting using social media
  6. Facebook marketing tips
  7. Effective tips for social media optimization & social media marketing lessons
  8. Facebook Ad tools
  9. How to do pinterest marketing
  10. How to do twitter marketing
  11. Instagram Marketing
  12. How to increase youtube views
  13. How to increase Instagram followers

Free Online Marketing Tutorials

  1. How to do digital marketing effectively?
  2. Online marketing guide
  3. How to do successful inbound marketing
  4. Digital marketing strategies during Coronavirus (Covid-19)
  5. How to become a digital entrepreneur?
  6. How To Choose Right Digital Marketing Mix
  7. Important digital marketing trends
  8. Free digital marketing webinars
  9. Digital Marketing Tools
  10. Digital marketing objectives and tasks to grow your business
  11. Digital marketing whitepapers
  12. Guide to mobile marketing
  13. Digital marketing jobs & career
  14. Marketing Automation
  15. Niche Marketing Guide
  16. Affiliate Marketing
  17. AR/VR in travel & Tourism Industry
  18. Digital Marketing Salary
  19. Programmatic Advertising
  20. Google My Business Optimization
  21. App store optimization or ASO guide

Free Video Marketing Tutorials

  1. Top Video Marketing Tips
  2. Best Video Editing Tools

Free Blogging Tutorials

  1. How to do effective blog commenting
  2. How to start a blog
  3. The Right Way to do Guest Blogging
  4. The most common blogging myths

Free Branding Tutorials

  1. How to build brands online
  2. The impact of social media in branding

Free Web Design Tutorials

  1. How to improve your web design
  2. Landing page optimization guide

Free Tutorials on Online Lead Generation & Conversion Rate Optimization

  1. How to increase your conversion rate?
  2. How to generate leads online

Online Reputation Management Free Tutorial

Free WordPress Tutorials

Free Email Marketing Tutorials

Free Web Stories on Digital Marketing

  1. Top 20 Ways to Earn Money Online
  2. Top 10 Personal Cyber Security Tips
  3. Top Performing Content Types for YouTube
  4. Most Engaging Content Types for Facebook
  5. Most In-Demand Digital Marketing Skills
  6. E3 Model of Digital Marketing
  7. Best Free Writing Tools
  8. Read more stories here

Free Digital Marketing Tools

  1. Free SEO Site Audit Tool
  2. Digital Marketing Cost Calculator
  3. Digital Marketing Tools
  4. Free SEO Tools

Free Digital Marketing eBooks

Free digital marketing webinars & Videos

Free digital marketing Interview Questions

  1. SEO
  2. SMM
  3. Adwords
  4. Analytics
  5. Adwords Mock Test 
  6. Question Answers
  7. Daily industry news

Premium digital marketing courses by Seven Boats

  1. Digital Marketing Course Online [ Live online classes + Class video recordings + Notes + Assignments + Projects + Internship & Placement assistance]
  2. Online instructor led digital marketing courses
  3. Social media marketing course
  4. digital marketing training in Kolkata
  5. Check all online digital media courses of 7boats
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Strategic Online Marketing
  8. SEO
  9. Google Ads
  10. Affiliate Marketing
  11. Marketing Analytics
  12. Social Media Marketing
  13. Google Analytics
  14. Digital PR
  15. Content Writing
  16. Pro Blogging
  17. Google Sheets
  18. Graphic Designing
  19. WordPress
  20. Earn Money Online
  21. Start Digital Marketing Agency
  22. Email Marketing
  23. Link Building
  24. Mobile Marketing
  25. Digital Marketing Internships
  26. Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata
  27. All Courses

Best SEO & Social Media Books

Free Digital Marketing Certification Courses in India

Other top free resources to learn digital marketing

  1. Neil Patel’s blog
  2. Jeff Bullas’s Blog
  3. HubSpot: Inbound Marketing Training
  4. Google’s Digital Unlocked
  5. Google’s Online Marketing Challenge
  6. Wordstream PPC university
  7. Free Diploma in eBusiness from Alison
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