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How to Enjoy a Mac Computer to the Max

by | Updated on: Mar 23, 2019 | Tech Tips & Tech News | 0 comments

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mac computerFor newbie users, enjoying Mac computers all starts with understanding the manual and help files. To have an idea what these write-ups are, there are articles that simplify them further for first-timer laymen. In summary, here are simple ways on how to enjoy a Mac computer.


Checkout the Dock


It is exciting to explore the Dock. To find it, it’s right underneath the desktop. It shows illustrations of documents and applications. With them are the trash bin and calendar. Often used programs are usually stored in the Dock area. It has other uses as well, like a quick access to certain features like the iTunes, address book, Safari browser, and email.


Using applications or features of Macintosh, or Mac, is always reflected on the Dock. When the device is turned off the icons disappear. The dock is also useful for navigating from one program to another.


An Alternative to Windows Explorer


One of the exciting features of Macintosh is the Mac Finder. It is the counterpart of Windows Explorer. Looking at the left pane, one finds the folders. When a folder is selected the contents are shown on the right pane. Opening further a folder content is as easy as double clicking it—just like what one would do with a folder on Windows Explorer. This is among easy and familiar ways how to enjoy a Mac computer.


Viewing the User Folder


When searching for a program to open, simply use the applications folder. Anyone familiar with My Documents on Windows will find the User Folder, one of the fine features of Macintosh, quite user friendly. In case the folder needs more help finding a file, type the file name on the Finder and further search will be made.


Enjoying the Menu Bar


Instead of finding them on either sides of the screen, the menu bar is found on top. It lists a number of functions and features on how to enjoy a Mac computer better. Take note that functions with black fonts are applicable and those colored otherwise are not. Depending on applications used, menu bar functions differ accordingly. It may seem a bit confusing initially but Macs prove easy to use with time. Getting used to them will make the features of Macintosh very easy to understand.


Ending Applications


On the upper left of the screen is a red button for shutting off the window. That closes the window but not the application. To end the application simply click on the Quit button. When minimizing the screen, opt for the yellow button. When in a hurry and one needs to close everything, just opt for “Q” plus the Apple key found on the keyboard.


PC Based Mac


To make possible a Mac working through a PC, make sure both are workable through one network. Initialize a virtual networking computing or VNC in the personal computer. Anyway, there are hundreds of downloadable VNC applications available on the Internet for free. That definitely ensures a way on how to enjoy a Mac computer.


Now, when the VNC is installed, turn on the Mac and press on the Apple icon. Then opt for “sharing” on the System Preferences menu and click on the box corresponding to “screen sharing” to produce a check mark. Click on the “computer settings” option which will produce a computer name for the user. The user should remember that name specified.


Produce a password and type it on the space provided to get a VNC program. Then, decide if access will be granted for everyone or for a specified few. Turn on the VNC software and type in the computer name derived from the “computer settings” earlier. Finally, Mac files and other apps can be accessed from the PC.

Note: Mac features mentioned here may not be available in other versions.

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