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Internet Service Providers – Broadband, DSL, Cable, Fiber Optic or Satellite ISP?

by | Updated on: Aug 10, 2021 | Tech Tips & Tech News | 6 comments

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internet service providers
DSL Vs Cable Vs Fibre Optic Vs Satellite ISP

In the modern era we thrive on internet connections. People use internet to fulfill their daily need either in office or at home. So the need to choose the best internet service provider (ISP) is the biggest concern of the any man.


Speed, connectivity and expenditure are the vital factors that you need keep in mind while you are switching to a new internet service provider or you are applying for a new net connection for the first time. Apart from that if you are able to locate right internet service provider then it will be very helpful for you to work and gain better results from your business.

What is Broadband Internet Connection?

Broadband is an electronics engineering term often used to refer to high speed Internet services. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is one of the two leading technologies used to provide broadband internet. The other is cable; satellite, fiber optic.

When it comes to speed when you work on internet most of us prefer broadband internet because it is must faster than dial up internet connection. Apart from the advantages there are many disadvantages that might make you face certain hassle from internet providers.

So while choosing internet service providers you must remember that the high speed provided by ISPs might save your time and money. Before it is too late try to find out proper internet service providers who are letting you enjoy some lucrative offers on internet connections. Some of the internet connections that provide high speed internet are DSL, Cable, fiber optic and satellite internet connection.

DSL Internet Connection

In order to enjoy DSL internet connectivity you must have quality copper phone wires because without this special equipment DSL internet connection is not possible. In fact without copper wires DSL internet signal cannot be received. So after considering all those facts, it must be said that copper wires are more than essential for DSL internet connectivity.

But this connectivity is very essential for those who want to get internet connection by spending comparatively less expenditure. There are many advantages if you are going to use this connection like you will be able to handle the phone calls and the internet service all together. DSL speed varies depending on the distance between your place and local ISP office.

Cable Internet Connection

On the other hand consumer could take help of the cable connections to access internet. But before taking help of the cable internet service provider, it must be remembered that the cable internet service providers are capable of providing limited internet services that may not be sufficient for the high user of the internet.

Moreover the speed of the local Cable service provider is comparatively more than the DSL internet connection in many times. In some cases, it is less than DSL in few areas. Also the bandwidth gets divided between neighbors. Sometimes the consistency of speed is not good. So cable internet connection speed mostly depends on the cable operator and you need to check the reputation and their speed in your area.

This is the main reason for which most of the people do not consider cable ISP as the better option for getting better internet connection. However cable internet connections have variety of packages with different price tags and services. Select the service package that will suit your needs.

DSL vs Cable Internet Connection

DSL and cable internet are different in how they deliver internet to your home. DSL internet runs through standard phone lines that are wired into your home. Cable goes through the cable lines. There is more bandwidth with cable, so cable is usually faster.

Internet Service Providers - Broadband, DSL, Cable, Fiber Optic or Satellite ISP? 2 - DSL Cable Internet Comparison
Internet Service Providers - Broadband, DSL, Cable, Fiber Optic or Satellite ISP? 1

Fiber Internet Connection

Fiber internet as compared to DSL or cable is that it won’t slow down no matter how far you are from your ISP. Fiber internet download speeds can vary from 250–1,000 Mbps. The download and upload speed stays almost same.

  • Delivers internet via fiber-optic cables
  • More than 25% coverage nationwide
  • Reliable and future-proof technology
  • Speeds not affected by distance from Internet Service Providers.

Satellite Internet

If a consumer is capable of spending huge amount of money then he could choose Satellite internet connection. But in reality internet connectivity of cable and DSL are much better and cheaper than satellite internet service. So if you are looking for a better and cheaper internet connection then DSL and Cable could be better options for you. However if you are on a move and stay in the interior part of a rural area where cable or DSL connection has no reach satellite is the best connection that you can available.

Fiber Optic Vs. Satellite ISP

Optic Fibre has higher bandwidth as compared to satelliteFibre Optic communication is more reliable than satelliteFibre optic is suitable for urban areas but satellite suitable for remote areas telecommunication. Optical fibre has less or no electromagnetic interference whereas Satellite communication has high EMI.

What’s the difference between cable, DSL and fiber.? Explanation Video
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  1. Marnie Byod

    At home, we were using the DSL Internet and we have no plans of changing it!
    Well, that’s the only thing available in our area, so we have no choice!

  2. Sarahcypper

    I really never ever thought that ! well must say you guys work very hard to determine things for us !

  3. Aiswariya

    Asianet is the best-unlimited internet service provider in Kerala with their mediocre service and customer friendly service support desk. They get your complaints solved within hours. With years of experience and its broad customer base in Kerala, Asianet is top-ranked amongst the locals due to its services and a customer-friendly team of technicians. They have the biggest cable network all over the state and they cover almost all the urban and rural areas in Kerala. Asianet always specializes in putting the customer’s needs first and accordingly provide numerous types of packages depending on the data usage and speed requirements of the end-user. Their packages are customer-friendly and easy on the pocket as well as provide the speeds promised. Asianet is very effective as far as all these options go.

    • Debajyoti Banerjee

      Thank you Aishwariya for your comment and sharing information about Asianet Dataline Cable Internet Service Provider in Kerala. But I will suggest our readers to check and judge by themselves as per their requirement, locality & other customer reviews. Also it’s always advisable to Google it for Asianet Broadband reviews, comments, website, social media before taking final decision.

  4. Brett Gordon

    5G is also on the rise and it will be the choice to make in the upcoming years. But for now, the best bet you have when it comes to internet connection is a fiber optic connection. I like how you explained the differences of each type of connection in this article and even made it easier for your readers to understand with videos and infographics. DSL might be the most readily available, but Fiber connections win in almost all categories.


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