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Top 5 Smartphone Navigation Apps to Make Your Daily Life Easier

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navigation appsJust about every Smartphone user appreciates the benefits of the GPS-navigation, which helps them to acquire from a place, which not well known to them. Apple known as a leading Smartphone provider company launched Apple maps for iOS users targeting to replace Google-maps on iOS devices. However, The Apple maps are regard as the largest disappointment as they are in perfectly designed.

Therefore, we have obtained a report on 5 ideal navigation applications for iPhone, which are correct made to allow us to accessibility any location on the globe.

Ideal Navigation Applications:

Google Maps:

A Google map helps us trip the overall globe within a portion of minute. These maps are correct with exclusive functions/features like directions and connections plan navigation. The streets view is a specific choice, which offers us an amazing view of streets in a specific place.

Furthermore, we can find out useful places to drink, play, shopping and for eat. The immediate search feature assists us discover a business location or any target address in Google maps perfectly. The specific vista view offers a street check out 360 degrees.

Waze Maps:

Waze is a wonderful navigation application, which creates our daily life simpler and helps you to save time. The application is develop to offer correct getaway, which we call the highest quality. It is actually regard as the most effective application to be utilizing while traveling which is develop using a feature of auto rerouting in the instance of road change.

This application creates the friends much more carefully by informing the Facebook friends who are driving to our desired destination. The real-time choice allows us to send a web-url to our family or friends members, which show the latest place of us.

MotionX GPS:

MotionX GPS is the victor of finest out of doors application from About.com. It’s a premium application, which prices just $0.99. The application is excellent for game playing reason like running, snowboarding, flying cycling and other games. It offers free downloadable maps of everywhere in the entire world. The application can be included with social-media sites such as a Twitter and Facebook, which allows share our preferred areas with family and friends.

GPS by TeleNav:

It is among the prize winning navigation application accessible for iPhone. This application is accessible for completely free and whenever we want extra features, we can up-grade to premium. The features on the free application are as uses:

  • Search to gain access to needed place all around us.
  • We are able to watch daily traffic on map.
  • Turn by turn navigation to any desired destination on the entire world.

In case, we buy a premium application, the functions/features are as follows:

  • Turn by turn navigation well guided by voice.
  • Voice directions turned on.
  • The application offers speed trap signals and red-light warnings.
  • We can easily avoid traffic jams utilizing this as auto rerouting turned on in it.

Map Quest:

Map quest is a free navigation application for iPhone/iPad/iPod devices. The amazing voice carefully guided navigation of the application appears just as in case the phone is speaking to us. We can easily search and obtain closest wanted locations like bars, gas stations, restaurants etc.

  • The application regularly paths the traffic details and guides us the finest way which is free of charge from traffic therefore preserving out useful time.
  • It shows stay traffic of a specific place, which is updated, as soon as every single five minutes.
  • It offers amazing driving and walking directions.

Therefore, this is my favorite top 5 GPS navigation apps. I am confident too that I have skipped some of your preferred, so please inform me in the reviews below in comment box!

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