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Why So Many Top Mobile Application Development Companies Are Based in the U.S.?

by | Updated on: Mar 23, 2019 | Tech Tips & Tech News | 0 comments

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mobile application developmentThe world of mobile application developers is not a place where a reviewer can easily name the top mobile application development companies and there are good reasons for that; hundreds of mobile application development companies in USA alone produce dozens of mobile apps on a daily basis, making it difficult to pick the best nominations for a reliable and worthy application and the developer behind such an application.


The number of mobile application development companies worldwide is growing rapidly as developers, marketeers and software vendors realize that a market worth billions of dollars, and growing, is demanding software applications intended for previously unimaginable number of customers. A growing number of industries are also interested in the possibilities offered by mobile apps, not only the social networking side of their functionality, thus naturally giving boost to start-ups in the field of mobile apps development. Nevertheless, a close look at the list of the top mobile application development companies reveals that the majority of them are based in the United States, mainly due to the high concentration of high-tech business on the West Coast, where billions of dollars annually are invested in development of new mobile technologies and software applications.


On the other hand, the growing importance and spreading of software outsourcing led to a situation where US-based developers have really felt the heat caused by a fierce foreign competition, introducing additional pressure for American developers to perform well and produce high quality software at affordable price. Actually, a great number of mobile applications are provided free of charge, while the software vendors and developers benefiting from their products through targeted ads or deals with different service providers.


The market for mobile applications is about flexibility and rapid adoption of cutting edge technologies; therefore, the US-based software developers enjoy obvious competitive advantages compared to overseas counterparts: access to latest technologies, access to high skilled labor, and access to venture capital financing. The tech world already witnessed mobile application start-ups growing into multimillion businesses; therefore, geeks and entrepreneurs in the United States have a model to follow, which is not quite applicable in other parts of the world, where growth opportunities are somewhat more limited despite the presence of lower payroll costs and well-educated software developers. Those places are unlucky to lack the other two growth and development drivers: access to cutting edge technologies and access to affordable financing.


That said, one can easily forecast a bright future for U.S. mobile app developers in the years to come. The overall market situation, though, is not that simple and one-sided. It has been mentioned that other regions are emerging as tech hubs thus challenging America’s hegemony in the field of advanced technologies. Moreover, Europe and parts of Asia are getting stronger when the matter in question is to back locally incorporated tech start-ups and have already worked out strategies to provide even state financing for such projects. Thus, the Silicon Valley faces growing and fiercer competition from rivals in Europe and Asia, where numerous now well-known and widespread mobile applications have been developed and initially marketed before some U.S. multinational company have acquired their business.


To conclude, the bulk part of the top mobile application development companies are still based in the United States, and will remain there for the foreseeable future, but one can make a safe bet that a growing number of software developers from outside the US are to enter the club of the most successful mobile apps developers in the course of the next few years.


Why So Many Top Mobile Application Development Companies Are Based in the U.S.? 1 - Rajesh S UllalThis is a guest post by Rajesh S Ullal. One can make a safe bet that a growing number of software developers from outside the US are to enter the club of the most successful mobile apps developers in the course of the next few years.

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